Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring, running buddies

All set to go with my calf compressions on, I started out hoping I would feel better than yesterday, and I did. 
With just a cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon and about 4 oz of some Kefir, I was set to go an hour later.
I love it when I can play around with my pace and still get some distance in. 
Yay for morning runs!

I was feeling a little bluesy this morning - but convincing myself to get out there is the elixir.

The forsythia is finally blooming, and the yard guys are here doing the spring clean up. This makes me happy.

I'm running with a friend this Sunday at the Spinal Victory race in Wantagh. We talk fitness a lot at work. He's a massage therapist and seasoned body builder. He started running, too.. and he's been building his mileage up slowly. Of course, speed will follow. We'll be at the race together on Sunday, and I'll meet him at the finish line!

I'm wondering if I should get down to the track on Thursday or Friday for some speed work.

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  1. I agree it was a gorgeous morning for running. RE: speed work. I would discourage you from doing that on Friday. Even Thursday is pushing it a bit. Instead of speed work, I'd recommend a tempo run with some 30 second intervals at 5K pace. Then rest until Sunday!


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