Thursday, January 31, 2013

My first treadmill RUN.

I've walked on a treadmill before. But never used it for running. I was not a runner. I was a sloppy treadmill walker. Frequently side-stepping.. sometimes getting too close to the back of the running platform if I allowed my mind to wander. I think if I remember the last time I was on my daughter's treadmill, I was walking at 2.5? 3.0? And I couldn't wait to get off of it. And this was after only 20 minutes of walkingI remember ITB pain, calf pain, and plain ol' fatigue. Gosh - how long ago was that?

This afternoon, I popped in a dvd on Tai Chi, ( I WILL get to practice that one day) and stepped on the 'mill. I could barely figure out how to set it up, I was pressed for time as I only had 45 minutes before I had to leave the house.  I hit 'start' - told it 30 minutes, set the incline to 2.5, and gradually made my way from 3.0 to 6.5 and then eventually back down again. Every once in a while I kept hitting my right hand on the console. I guess I was running too fast for the speed of the belt? Or perhaps my stride was too long at times? I was able to correct my form a bit, but it was definitely not the same as the road. I kept wondering just how less efficient I was on the machine compared to the road. Was I getting the same workout? The numbers I was watching probably don't mean a thing. I was a bit disappointed about 10 minutes in when my calves started to ache. Then it dawned on me that I started out on an incline. Duh. I leveled it out, the ache disappeared and found that I needed to go faster! Cool. About halfway through, I started to sweat! I don't know why I was surprised about that. But, indeed, that is a good thing! (Note: Get a bigger fan. The one on the machine is useless)

I wore my Magellan watch with the heart rate monitor and cadence pod. I thought I started it when I started the treadmill, but when I brought the incline down, I glanced at the watch and it was asking me if I wanted to start an activity. Oh well.

The treadmill said I did 2.70 miles in 30 minutes - Magellan said I did 2+ miles in 20 minutes. I understand that neither is going to be very accurate, but since the Magellan is calculating HR and cadence, I should perhaps go with that.

I was wondering that since I was on a machine that was rolling under me at a constant speed, and providing that my cadence or stride length does not change - will the treadmill force me to run at a more steady pace? How much variation of pace will occur in any given 2 points of time? Would it be less than if I were on the road?

I have to print out the manual and get acquainted with my new 'gadget' - now that my interest in it has changed. I feel transformed in a way. The carryover from all this training I've been doing on the road automatically makes me an adequate treadmill user. I just have some tweaking to do with my positioning on the belt, and now I never have an excuse not to run.

It's late for me to be blogging, It's almost my bed time, so if I'm rambling, I apologize. But I wanted to get this in before I forgot some of it.  There is also a link to an article below that I wanted to talk about, but maybe another time. I'll leave it for your perusal.

Sweet dreams.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On committing..

The treadmill arrived as scheduled, and just as it was a bitch getting it out of the house, it was equally as difficult getting it back into the room it started in. Those moving men visualize stuff in more than 3D. I plugged it in, it works.. so now I'm set for rainy and real cold days! Thank you, my darling daughter Cadie.

Even though the temperature was 40 degrees this morning, I was hesitant to go out. I was! (I'm typing this at 8:30, and I have that ENT appointment at 9:15. I hate running on such a tight timeline.) At 7:00,  I knew I had time for a 30 minute run after counting back from 9:00, including shower time and some metric browsing, and I KNEW that as soon as I started getting dressed, I was committed. That's one thing I love about running. I could dress to lift weights in my workout room, and then putter around the house and NOT get that workout in. But to run, as soon as I'm dressed and my gadgets are on, I step out the door, and there is no procrastinating. I'm gone.
So, that's what I did this morning, with a plan to stop at 30 minutes, to fit my schedule. Ah. Nice. Because of the urgency of the run, I did not eat, only fueled by a cup of halfcaf coffee. I was dogging it a bit at the end.

I came across this interesting article , and this is what I had suspected all along, even with the way the phone and watch work in comparison to each other.  So it could be any watch compared to any phone with any running app. I think I'll rely on my watch for my primary training numbers. Runmeter is my 'happy' tool for voice prompting and BIG colorful displays. I'm still happy I have my iPhone, even though the impetus for it's purchase was Runmeter.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting my act together..

I just finished my first run back after a week respite because of the dropping temps.  I wasn't feeling it at all this morning, but after food shopping, (NO CHEESE OR ICE CREAM - even though Breyers was 2 for $6.00) and spending the morning in the kitchen making chili, butternut squash soup, pork roast, chickpea snacks, steel cut oats to last me all week, tuna fish for sandwiches, cutting up fruit and freezing it for my Shakelogy (whew - I have a penchant for run on sentences, I know..)

..the thermometer said 35 degrees!  I was feeling better psychologically after all the food prep. It's been too long since making my own meals on a regular basis, and after the total fail of my cholesterol count, it's about time I got back to it again. The chimes were ringing, meaning that it was going to be windy, but for some reason I did not think about wind chill.

I threw on the first things I saw, with '35 degrees' in mind, started up my gadgets and flew out the door before I even had a chance to change my mind.

My goal was 6 miles, but I got chilled first thing out, I wasn't dressed for the wind. I forgot all about trying to keep my heart rate under 140, instead trying to breath through my nose periodically to warm the air instead of using my mouth. I felt chilled from the inside, too. 
I found a comfortable pace, and just stuck with it. I slowed down a bit on the inclines, sped up a bit on the declines, and decided it was getting too cold for the way I was dressed, and cut it down to 4 miles.

I'm figuring based on my stats that 8:45- 9:20 looks like my easy pace (at least for today!) I'm hoping that I can stick to my 8:30 race pace come February 9th for my next 5k. I'm also hoping I can get another LSR in before that.

Have a good week, all!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just imagine it.. and someone will invent it.

Just few weeks ago I was talking to people at work about how can I video my form while I'm out running - without having anyone help me. Someone said, 'Just use a treadmill'.. Treadmill running is a totally different experience then running on the road, and gait mechanics will differ from one surface to the other on many levels.

  Since my dad sent me a quadcopter as a Christmas gift, and I've been looking at others online, I've noticed that they are starting to have video cameras on them. The problem would be that the software on the controller board would have to recognize you vs. motion activated in order to keep up with you on the road and not take off after a car or squirrel passing you by. But once you're running, how do you control the copter without being distracted? You're going to need a side view, anterior and posterior view to really do some in depth gait analysis.

Voice control, of course!

This Tiny Pet Quadcopter Could Be Your Own Personal Cameraman

Who doesn't want to be the star of their own reality TV show? Well OK, sane people. But if you count yourself among the former, there's good news for you. A new, tiny quadcopter called the MeCam is just begging to be your ever-present cameraman. And you best take it up on the offer, there's no way you could find a human that willing.
MeCam is an upcoming product from the San Francisco-based company Always Innovating, and it promises to change self-centered video documentation forever, potentially. The copter would have a battery of 14 sensors to keep it from running into walls and other people, and would be voice controlled. You could shout at it to go "up" or "down" or just tell it to follow you like a flying, robotic member of the paparazzi (or a flying puppy), and call it a day. During its acrobatics, it'd be recording you, of course, and you could beam that footage to your smartphone and have it stream there, or shunt it over to YouTube or Facebook if that's your cup of tea.
There's no word on what kind of camera the MeCam would have, but that's probably because Always Innovating doesn't plan to build them itself, but rather to license out the technology to others. Still, when all is said and done, AI expects that the little guys could be as cheap as $49, which is frankly a steal for a pet quadcopter that doesn't constantly film you. The video is almost just a bonus. It's a little way off, but AI predicts the first licensed copters could hit shelves in 2014. Does it sound a little to good to be true, especially at that price-point? Sure. But here's to hoping. Who wouldn't want a pet quady, right? I'm naming mine "Quentin." [Liliputing via Smithsonian].

Yummm.. Gadgets. It's what's for dinner.

My first non-injury lull

Well, it's still cold. But as you can see in the reflection, I'm still smiling. 

I haven't run in a week because of the cold. I've been getting back to weight lifting - various programs; and I can feel myself getting stronger. I've got a chronic impingement syndrome going on in my right shoulder, and it always feels better after I strengthen it.
My ears are ringing like wild fire now, I was hoping that as a side effect of running less it would wondrously stop all together, but I admit to living in a fantasy world at times. I've got an appointment with an ENT on Tuesday.

My love affair with ice cream and cheese has gotten the better of me, and my cholesterol went up 16 points since this time last year. My LDL's could be lower, too. I'll have to start eating better again. I really should get on the scale tomorrow, and return to using MyFitnessPal.  But other than needing more vitamin D3, my blood work and cardiogram both look good.

I've decided, due to continued financial stress, that I'm not going to buy myself a new treadmill. My daughter is donating her mill to me, I just have to pay to get it here. My friend just happens to be getting rid of her treadmill, which has a great electronic console and some fancy features, (none of which is being network enabled) but the bed is too short (she bought it to exercise her dog). I'm going to take a look at it today, but I have a feeling it's not going to fit the bill. I'm a sloppy runner, and I think I'll need longer than a 54" running platform.

I'll be working out today, probably some ab work, although I'm tempted to do legs again. I'm hoping the weather might warm up into the 30's tomorrow, so I can take a short run around the neighbor hood. I really don't want my first run in a week to be running on legs recovering from 40 minutes of assorted squats and lunges from the day before. I'll come up with something. 

My daughter (and my grandpup) spent the night last night with me so as to shorten travel time to Brooklyn today to visit some friends.

Charles of  (Beef ) Wellington

He is a cutie, despite this one nasty habit. I hear that he's doing it less  now after being shamed by this picture posted on Facebook. He's going to have to be careful if he's looking to get a job in the future. I hear potential employers are now scanning the internets looking for stuff like this before hiring.  Keep your dirty laundry off the 'book, my friends!

If you're going out, run long and stay warm.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When you end up with a lemon..make an omelette.

Ok. I know that I DO NOT want to run in 24 degree weather with the winds whipping around at 17mph. Not that I tried to get out there. I just don't want to.

Perfect opportunity for some cross training! I gots me my Schwinn Airdyne, and some free weights. I did Burn Circuit 1 with Chalene Johnson (Beachbody) and 20 minutes on my Airdyne. I'm pretty whooped.

Finished off with my new favorite omelete: 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, steak, yellow pepper, spinach and topped with peach mango salsa.

I'm good for the day. 
Do I feel bad that I don't have a treadmill? A little.
Do I feel bad that I'm not outside running? Nope.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

i AM a runner.

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I had been feeling pretty shitty the last few days. I slept wrong again, so my neck was bothering me, but not as bad as a few weeks ago. I've been busy at work, and not sleeping well, so it was all catching up with me. I was on the phone with a friend on Saturday, telling her about how the ringing in my ears was getting a little worse - and  confessing to her that I didn't think I was going to run today - I was feeling run down, and not very happy. I really felt like I needed to sleep.  I made sure to go to bed earlier last night, and I turned off the clock alarm and the Sleep app alarm on my iPad, so that I would have the opportunity to sleep as long as I needed.

My usual wake up time is 5:30. I was up and wide awake at 7 am. My neck was stiff, and my left flank around my ribs felt tight. My ears were ringing and buzzing like crazy. I had a cup of coffee, read some running blogs (bless you ALL)- and became inspired. I had it in my sights to try Bethpage Park. I SO needed a change of scenery, and I've heard so much about it from bloggers and running friends on Facebook. I was compelled to get out despite the way I felt for a few reasons. It was supposed to be the last warm day in at least a week and a half, by most weather accounts. The last time I had neck issues, the runs actually made me feel BETTER. I could not pass up this opportunity today. 

It was 40 degrees on my deck (it faces north, btw) when I left for the park. On my way there, I watched the thermometer in the car slowly rise, until by the time I got there, it was 44 degrees. I opted not to wear a jacket that I had brought.  I had my water belt with water in one flask, and GU Berry dissolved in the other. I had eaten 3/4 of a P90X PB bar on the way there, sipping water with it. I had 2 tech shirts, (I really could have only worn one) - my gloves, skull cap and electronics. With my ears buzzing, I didn't feel like listening to music,  the radio, or podcasts. Again, it felt really strange not to have anything to concentrate on as I started out, but by the end of the first mile, I was loving just listening to my footsteps and breathing.
A few miles in I came up behind a man that looked like he was running the same pace I was. I stayed behind him until he turned around at mile 5.5. I kind of missed him after he left, although he did do a lot of spitting. 
I was so happy to be out there. The trail I thought, was actually lovely.  There were bridges, overpasses, running streams, and larger bodies of water. It was supposed to be pretty windy today, and I thought that the trees would act as a buffer against some of the stronger gusts, depending on the direction the path was taking. I imagined that it must be cool there during the summer months - the greenery lending shade. I believe someone told me that about this trail.
I had not changed my pace goals on Runmeter, so she was reminding me when I was not staying within a 9:30 - 10:00 pace. I wanted to stay around 10:30 - but I was feeling very good, and I'll have to check the final stats,  it wasn't till the end of the run that I NEEDED to slow down.
There was no discomfort as I approached the 7,8, 9 mile mark! My breathing was steady, my stride felt even. I came up under a funky overpass with water streaming over a man made fall - then to my utter horror and spewing 'eeeww!' I found myself running behind some commercial brick building spilling out onto a highway!

 I abruptly turned around, my serene demeanor fading fast - and I couldn't wait to get back under that overpass and back onto the trail. 
I stopped to take a picture.

The run on the way back seemed faster than the way out. By that time, there were more people around, lots more bikes. A group run had started from somewhere in the middle, and I was following them, but not able to keep up. I had to remind myself that I had been running an hour + already, and they were fresh. I was not. A few more miles later, they had turned around, and they passed me coming from the other direction. They could have been going out for 5 or 6 miles.

The hill going back was rough. As I came back up to the entry of the park, I needed to walk up that hill. By that time, my left knee and ankle were acting up. But at least the discomfort had waited until the very end. I started running again before I reached the top of the hill, and then went around the parking lot to make sure I completed 13 + miles. I  stretched diligently when I got back to the car. I had a half hour drive home, and stiffening up is always a problem.
But I was thrilled.

Could I possibly be made for distance instead of speed?

P.S. The discrepancy of pace and distance is a little annoying here, even if I did forget to shut off Runmeter a hundred yards or so after the Magellan. It shouldn't be off by so much. If I remember correctly, MapMyRun wasn't as far off as Runmeter is when compared to the Magellan. Anyone using Runmeter have the same observations?

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What doesn't kill you...

Tuesday morning's run (1/15) is a blur to me now - I've been having a rough week sleep wise, and since I've yet to get a new tenant, I've had to take some per diem work to supplement my living expenses. With that comes finding relevant paperwork about my credentials to send to the new employer, learning how to fill out the new paperwork, etc. 

The logistics of all that upheaval has a tendency to keep me on the edge of my seat a bit, and I do a lot of unnecessary planning and worrying. At almost 53 years old, you'd think by now I'd realize that indeed, everything really does work out fine in the end - and worrying about it is an inefficient way to spend one's time.

Of what I can remember, I went out for 4 miles, and completed 4 miles. I set my pace alerts to between 9:00-9:30, and I believe I kept hearing that I was going too fast at times. I'll let the links explain the run.

Magellan Data

RunMeter Data

Today's run (1/17) - Tuesday while I was running, I thought I'd do 6 miles this morning. But with a ridiculously poor amount and quality of sleep last night, plus putting in a 10 + hour day yesterday, I barely made it out the door this morning.

 I slept in, or tried to sleep in. I left bed at 7:00, and debated on what was best for me based on the past 2 days. I knew that once I was dressed and out the door, I would be happy I was running. So I put on my new Brooks hoodie that my sister recommended, and yes, I was happy once I started. I knew as I came around my block by mile 3, that it was all I was doing for today. I even set my pace alerts for 9:30-10:00, and was a little quicker again. I think I just wanted to take a hot shower. 

But, the way things were going, I got a call from the office saying I was supposed to be there at 9:00 for a patient with a recurrent vestibular problem. The thing is, no one told me about it. PLUS, I think I used the wrong supplement in my Shakeology recovery shake this morning, and put the energy powder in instead of the recovery formula. (they are both in identical containers with different colored lids) I borrowed the stuff from my daughter's stash.. and they both happen to be the same colored powder.

So now, I'm flying a little higher than usual, and I had to stop this post to fly into the office and treat the patient, running gear and all.. the patient needed to catch a flight to Florida. 

I'm ready for my hot shower now. I will finish this post by listing the data for both runs.

Magellan Data

RunMeter Data

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Allowing the good to outweigh the bad

Well.. the good news is I ran my first half marathon (+) distance today. More good news is that I was able to control my discomfort level in my hips and knees and surrounding muscles by controlling my speed. I now know I can indeed run/walk/jog in combination and run a half.
The bad news is that I still cannot keep my heart rate under 140BPM.
Why is it so hard? I had a lot to think about in the 2.5 hours I was running. Maybe I need to run more slow runs until my heart adapts to pumping more volume of blood per stroke as I keep trying(!) to go slower. The outcome I'm trying to achieve is being able to eventually run quicker for longer periods of time with a slower heart rate, training my muscles to be more efficient using the (aerobic) fat burning pathway for energy instead of an anaerobic (glycogen, glucose) one. I think I understand the concept. The problem is I keep reading so much, and I'm over thinking things. As usual, I'm expecting immediate results, and when I don't get them, I question things all over again. 

 Another thing I was thinking about was Runmeter's live webpage that folks use to watch friends and family run during training or a race. Runmeter's app sends updated webpage code every 5 minutes. But the webpage itself does not update. At least that's my experience with watching my sister run. So, I just sent off an email to Runmeter asking them to just add a parameter to the web page when it builds it to refresh every 5 minutes or so, OR, set it to refresh based on the lap interval set in the users current setting. They are really good at responding, so I can't wait to see if they have already considered it, and just won't or can't do it for other logistical reasons.

I used the 'I Heart Radio' app on my run today, and it was such a great change from listening to my tunes play over and over again. The downside to THAT was that it drained the battery on my phone quicker than usual. I ran 14 miles, but the phone died at 12. I ran in silence for 2 miles, and at first it was kind of eerie, but then, soothing.

It was a drab morning. Foggy, but comfortable, high 40's. I took some pics. Yay!

On Shore Road, looking back in the direction of Oyster Bay

Looking toward Bayville - very foggy.

Changed the route of the run (of course).. went into Oyster Bay Park. I had my contacts on so I was squinting trying to see the pic.

Oops. Glad I was sans boogers.

14 miles

This route was interesting. I had originally wanted to just run Shore Road back and forth a few times for 12 miles (2 miles in one direction), but there was still so much sand, rocks, twigs, cables, machinery and barriers on the road - combined with the overcast sky, it was really kind of depressing. And GREY. So, I ran into Bayville, part of the route of my very first 5k, and then decided to venture into Oyster Bay Park, where part of the Turkey Trot was run.

Ha. I still can't believe I ran 14 miles. Booyah.

Magellan Data

Runmeter Data (Truncated)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The second time's a charm - if you're a turtle.

I went out again around the neighborhood after listening to Dr. Maffetone's interview. (see previous post) I figured my heart rate should be between 122-132 according to the articles on his website.

You'd think that running slower would be easy.

It is VERY difficult to do. I imagine it will get easier with time and practice. But I understand the concepts. They all make sense. I am looking forward to improving my body's ability to burn fat as a primary fuel source. I get how that helps my muscles last longer during long runs, especially that 13 miler I'm preparing for. But gee whiz-  it's like I'm doing the 'Couch to 5k' all over again. I'm not tired, I just feel like I'm muddling along.

I planned on running along Shore Road from Oyster Bay to Bayville this weekend. They're still working on it since Sandy destroyed it, so there is no access to cars on the road.  I've heard they are allowing foot traffic. So, I'm going to 'run' that route about 3 or 4 times for my long run this weekend. I'd better bring some podcasts along to listen to. I'm going to be out there a while if I'll be moving at the good Dr.'s pace..

Magellan Data

A little cheese with that run?

It was 40 degrees when I headed out this morning a little before 7:30. I decided to be daring and only wear my cap and one tech shirt with a high collar. My tenor chimes were ringing on the back deck, so I knew there was more than an occasional light breeze going on, but my gloves were warm, and I figured I could fight off the chill until I brought my core temp up.

I felt light this morning. I don't know if it was that I was wearing less, or that I remembered to drink more water during the day yesterday, or that I've been trying to eat less sugar. I haven't gotten on the scale for awhile, and I'm afraid to, to be honest about it. I finally have made an appointment with my GP to get my annual physical, and to talk about my new friend Tinnitus, and his friend, Tactile Allodynia. It's so frustrating watching things happen to you as you get older. I really want my cholesterol number to go down a bit, so I'm being a little bit more vigilant with what I'm eating. But god, how I love cheese. 

Oh. What? Yes. This is a running blog.

I finally remembered to take a pic of what I was wearing.
Note the magical ray of light emanating from my Magellan watch.

The run went well. I started to say how light I felt. That worked well for me. I also immediately started to think about what a fellow blogger commented to me a few days ago about just going out 'focusing on the experience'. I tried to concentrate on that instead of just my legs, or my form, or my arm swing, or the music, or what my audio notifications were saying. I tried to have a sense of my body as a whole mechanism, attempting to get from the place I was at that moment, to the next place I saw down the road a bit. I was not even aware of my pace until I was told to slow down. But, I was feeling so good, why should I? Except for the fact that I knew I would have no choice but to slow down in 15 minutes or so - I was really enjoying how I was moving at that point. 
The rest of the run was predictable. I did need to slow down, especially coming back up to elevation. (Thanks, Sea Cliff) I thought I might do 6 miles today, but as usual, changed my plan the first few minutes of the run, and decided to beat my 4 mile time from Tuesday. (which I did, by about 2+ minutes) I have my first 4 and 5 mile races coming up in a few months, so I wanted to start thinking in terms of those distances for training. I'm hoping that staying dedicated to 8, 10 and 12 mile long runs once a week will prepare me for my first half this year.

Blogging and sharing running experiences with others is cool.
So is cheese.

And here is yet more information about running slower.

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Magellan Data

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The procrastinating pacer gets the... garbage trucks.

Today's weather is supposed to be in the upper 40's.  That's a perfect winter running day, IMO.  This morning at 7am however, it was 31. I felt slightly deflated. I thought I'd wait until 7:30 to see if it would rise above freezing. It was only 31.5. Hmm. Well, let me give it another 20 minutes. By 7:55 at 32 degrees I realized that was it, I won't be running in my optimal temperature conditions this morning. But I was feeling a bit defiant because of it. I dressed in my lighter insulated tights, 2 tech shirts, gloves, gator and cap. I left my jacket on the door. Let's see how cold I get. 
The wind was light. It wasn't so bad. I had put my gloves on the radiator while I was getting dressed, so my warmed hands helped cut out a lot of the first chill. 

I think I'm going to hold off on miCoach for awhile. I think I run more relaxed without it. It would be a better choice for speed work.

I set Runmeter to tell me when I was leaving my 'middle' pace zone of 9:00- 9:30. I wanted to run 4 miles today at a moderate pace, considering the beating I gave myself on Saturday. I watched as my heart rate stayed mostly above 170. During my 10 miler on Saturday, while staying within 9:30-10:00, my heart rate stayed in the 150's-160's. That made for a much more pleasant run for me.

Halfway through this run, the traffic around my neighborhood became busier and busier, and, being a Tuesday - the garbage trucks were out. Or at least one was. And I ended up coming up behind it. Stinky.
But, because in my own mind I make myself out to be the swiftest of athletes.. I passed the truck and it's foul stench and continued on my way. I think I was more disappointed in all the rest of the traffic around town than a few seconds of stink. That'll teach me to wimp out because of the cold.

Magellan Data

Runmeter Data

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yes, indeedy..

"I think I'm really going to be feeling it 12 hours from now."

Oh, yes I am. I must set some time aside today for some yoga.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

That I actually put it into words at the end of my last long-run post must of really hit a sour note for me. I guess I'm not being honest with myself when I say 'Hey, I'm not as fast as I used to be, but look how far I can go'.. This is evident as of this morning's run. I knew I wanted to do at least 10 miles today, as I'm convinced that long, slow runs are the way to get me to finish a half marathon this year in under 2 hours, which is my goal time.  But that little gremlin inside of me could not resist setting my pace notifications a little higher for today's run.
Last week, I wanted to stay between 9:45 and 10:30.  Today, I figured  I'd try to turn it up a notch, since I truly don't know how to follow any sort of plan, or even listen to seasoned athletes who take the time to publish what they've taken years to learn and have graciously shared that information with neophytes like myself. That's a run-on sentence, btw.

So, I set my run to 2 hours between 9:30 and 10:00 pace. Whereas last week I gave myself a 45 second span at a slower pace, today I shortened it to a 30 second span at a faster pace. It appears I can't only just change one variable, either.

The temperature was about the same starting out, but the winds were lighter today.

The run went fine in my newly adopted running neighborhood, I changed the route slightly by avoiding an additional elevation close to the first 2 mile mark. I drank a few ounces of water every time I finished 3 miles. I took some Power Bar Gel Blasts every 3 miles as well. But it still did not help the fatigue in my legs at the start of the 7 mile mark. I concentrated today on using my hip extensors, especially going up some inclines. I can feel them now, my gluts really feel like they got quite a workout. But, my left knee is complaining again, and my ITB/TFL on both hips were SCREAMING at me from mile 8-10. I really had to slow down to a fast walk, concentrating on my form. My legs below my knees were flopping around like, oh, I don't know.. it was ridiculous. It took everything I had to fight through wanting to stop before 10 miles. I think I'm really going to be feeling it 12 hours from now.
I still have yet been unable to endure a 2 hour run. I'm hoping it's a doable thing for me. I'm pretty sure it is, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to slow down even further to be able to run pain free. And I'm guessing some lower body strengthening is in the cards for me if I'm going to get where I need to be.

Magellan gives me good numbers. RunMeter's numbers are lower.  I'll keep consistant with posting to DailyMile with RunMeter b/c it's automagic.

Oh, and I had some friends talking to me during my last few runs! It's such a blast..I knew I'd love it.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year Running

I used Runmeter this morning and played with the activities/intervals option. The audible notifications were not as explicit with runmeter as they are with MiCoach, so I wasn't able to follow directions as precisely as I would have liked. I felt really good out there this morning though, in my own neighborhood. People were still sleeping off their hangovers at 7:30 this morning, and since I treated yesterday like any other day, I was raring to go after a good nights sleep.

(I told you I like my gadgets..)

I failed to wait for Magellan to get a fix on satellites before I started, so the data is screwed up. I'll post it anyway.
I practiced slowing down instead of stopping, and I found that I was ok with my heart rate creeping up into the mid 170's.  I'm pretty sure it was that long run I did the previous weekend that helped me out. I've really got to stick with those, especially if I'm to run a half this year.

I'm dedicating this post to my sister, Theresa - who ran her first Polar Dash in MN today, with starting temps around -1F. She came in first in her age group, and achieved a PR, about 4 minutes faster than her previous 10k. I love you, and I'm so proud of you! I was with her virtually, watching her progress on Runmeter's live page, and rooting her on through texts that she was able to hear during the race. Gotta love that program.

It was warm for me this morning, 40 degrees, only 2 top layers and a skull cap and gator.  There was a brisk wind blowing from the northwest, so it felt chillier than that, and it slowed me down a bit on the inclines. But overall, I felt good!

Magellan Data (screwed up)

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