Saturday, April 20, 2013

Third Florida Run

I was out the door a little earlier this morning,  carried some coconut water with me, only 6 oz - and started out on the same route as yesterday. I did not go into the park today, but continued right on NW 8th after coming back north on Commodore. I went down to Flamingo, and came back home. I walked several times because I was so uncomfortable. It was 77 degrees with an 85% humidity, and very little breeze. Because it was a Saturday morning, there were very few people and cars on the road.

I did come across a couple dozen very tiny frogs passing from the waterway across the pavement on my way down the bike path paralleling 595. I managed not to step on any of them.

It's so flat down here, that the GPS works beautifully. If you take a real close look at todays map, you'll see when I ran into the street a few feet to avoid a woman and her dog stopped on the side walk. I also went down the wrong street briefly, and you can see the little turn I made.

I was considering perhaps attempting a marathon in a few years, depending on how I feel after I run a half.  Looking to see what marathon will allow me to qualify for the Boston, I came across the A1A Marathon held in February.  I wonder how Florida is in February.  If it's anywhere near the temps it is now, I can't see myself doing it.

And I guess that's it. I'm going to run again in the morning if it's not raining. Even though I've run 3 days in a row, I feel like I didn't train as well I could have because I was unable to push myself.  My next vacation in May I'll be in Minnesota with my sister, who is still experiencing winter in April. I'm sure the weather will be much more hospitable to running strong.

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