Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fourth Florida Post

It's cooler this morning, but higher humidity - the clouds are heavy and gray. Rain is imminent. If I do run, it will be on my moms treadmill. I love the fact that my mom has a treadmill. AND that she uses it. It says so much about her love for us, really. At 77, you might mistake her for 65.

 Isn't this weather gadget great? I believe I get my love of gadgets from my dad.   Last year he was building his own printer that produces real life, 3D objects. This year, he's teaching the kid across the street how to build robots. 

This one take pictures

Isn't he cute? This one works like the Roomba vacuum. One eye transmits, the other eye is the receiver

This is the top view. Dad builds the circuitry and programs the chip. He uses C++

Here is the printer he built that creates 3d objects. See the spool of  composite material on top?

It just started raining now.  I'm sure in an hour the sky will be blue and any runner with a stronger constitution than myself will try their hand at running in this soup. We're eating out for the first time I've been here, so, it's Chipolte for lunch, and Alexander's for dinner tonight. I'm already thinking I might want to come down here again in February. Maybe watch the marathon. Time is flying by so fast.


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