Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Florida run

I'm here in Florida visiting my folks. I was up at 2:00AM on Wednesday to catch a 6:15am flight out.
I arrived in one piece, hoping to hear news that they caught the perpetrators of the Boston bombing. Sadly, they had not - but I know they will. Yesterday's news was promising, and I know that law enforcement will prevail.
I'm writing this while watching the interfaith telecast. Very moving. 

I spent all day yesterday sitting in a recliner and catching up with my mom and dad. I reintroduced her to MyFitnessPal, the website I use on occasion to help keep me accountable for my weight control.

We watched PBS specials on health that she had recorded. My mom takes great care of herself and my father. She spends her time poring over articles from many sources on staying healthy, food choices, vitamins, supplements, etc. Both my parents have lost weight, and they look wonderful.

Meanwhile, I sat around relaxing. I napped. I listened to "Season of the Harvest" by Michael Hicks.  I did not run.

I paid for it this morning.  Or perhaps it was that I overdressed. I wore my compression capris and calf sleeves. (Because god forbid I should feel the vibration of my 53 year old legs wobbling around.) I did wear a performance tank, so no sleeves. 

It was 76 degrees with 82 percent humidity. It was windy, (of course) about 12 mph out of the east.

I planned an 8 mile route, between a 10-9:30 pace, knowing that the environment was hostile.
I had no idea just how uncomfortable I was going to be. The first 2 miles down the road out of the development  and into the small park with a circular path was not so bad. I felt my right ankle was very tight for some reason, so I could not lean forward enough at the ankles.  I was spending too much time thinking about how uncomfortable I was feeling.  I tried to pay attention to my breathing. But all I could feel was the sweat running down my back, between my breasts, into my eyes.  I tried  to take in my surroundings, the different flora, the herons, the clean, wide sidewalks. I tried to say hello to other people walking their dogs, pushing strollers. Very unfriendly bunch down here.  The only person who said hello was an older gentleman on the opposite side of  Commodore Ave - a 2 lane road separated by a grassy median, so it's fairly wide.  It turns out after I got home, I found out that 'older gentleman' was my father, out for his morning walk. 

By the time I got down to the end of Commodore, I made a left on to a service road of sorts,  the surface was delightful, there was a canal separating me from highway 595.  

The exhaust and heat coming from the cars, despite the wind (now a head wind) just sapped everything out of me. I ended up cutting the run short, turned around, and alternated between walking and running back to the house. Thoughts of jumping in the pool entered my mind, but I doubted I would have the strength to peel off the sweaty compression garments I was wearing. I lumbered home,  made myself a Greenberry shakeology (I forgot how good Green was) and drank a tall glass of ice water. BTW, the water I was carrying in my hand on the run had warmed up to the point where it wasn't even drinkable. Bleh.

I'm going to go out and try again tomorrow morning, hopefully earlier, without the compression attire. The weather looks to be identical to this morning, with less wind. 

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  1. I have only run in Florida in November and in New Orleans in much like NY in Way to get your 5 miles in though!!!

    1. Thanks, Gigi!.. I'm not looking forward to summer running in NY either, BTW!

  2. One more reason why I hate Florida--miserable running temps.

    1. Stephani - it's the worst running conditions I've ever run..


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