Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I did not know that runners were uniting today to wear a race shirt of some kind. I went out this morning with my new Pure Connect Brooks and my usual running attire. I did want to run 4.09 miles (the time on the clock, 04:09:xx when the first bomb exploded) to honor the wounded and dead.  I got close on one device, and went over on the other. But the intent was there.

If it were an early weekend morning, would I of had the balls to run 4 hours and nine minutes? Perhaps.

Good run, good breathing, I did extra hills today after talking with Scotty about how important they were. My new thing is wanting to learn to love them.

The shoes felt great. I ran better in these then I did with the Pure Cadence. I've got to decide to either try the Cadence again, or send them back. I think I'll get credit toward another pair of shoes only.

Nothing more to say. Kinda bummed with the whole Boston thing. I had set my iPad up in the kitchen at work, set it to stream the event from the BAA site, and every once in a while would pop in for a look at how it was going. I got caught up with work after the first hour and a half, so I missed the elite men and women crossing the finish. I was daydreaming about how I would need to train and what marathon I would need to run to qualify for the Boston. Would I be able to run it in 2015? 2017?

I had gone into the bathroom, and coming out there were 2 or 3 people standing there waiting to tell me about the bombing. They knew I am now a runner, and that I must need to know this.  Patients were on their plinths getting news texts almost immediately. The front office turned the TV on in the waiting room, and people were standing watching, mouths agape. I felt numb and nauseous. Waves of despair rippled through me as I tried to tend to my current patient. I felt personally attacked. This was MY sport. This sport brings me and thousands of other people; including my sister - JOY. How could this have happened? What about security? If the ING NYC Marathon had been run last year, would they have hit that one? Was this the alternative?

Well, I guess I did have more to say.
I just hope they catch whoever did this.

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  1. It is hard. Suddenly my very Zen sport is bombed. !?!?! WTF? I don't know what to think or feel.

    They will catch those that did this. It always looks impossible at the beginning but gradually they find stuff out and get there.


  2. Thanks, Paul. I don't believe the law enforcement will rest until this is solved. And that brings comfort.


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