Thursday, April 4, 2013

I hate dirty car exhaust, but I like Pure Cadence.

Despite the fact that it was 29 degrees when I headed out this morning, I was warm before the first mile had been run. I believe I started out slower on purpose, but I'm not quite sure. I ran in a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence (not II). I have been trying on so many pairs of shoes lately, that I'm hoping I remember what I tried so I don't reorder the same pair twice. I had tried the Pure Cadence II and the Pure Flow. Both had me bummed even before I walked out the door with them. My instep felt strangled, and the Pure Flow was actually digging in medially on both feet. I didn't even try to run in them. When I  read the reviews, (after the fact) it seemed quite a few people had the same complaint as myself.

My sister is a fan of the Pure Cadence (the first one) - so I tracked a pair down and by golly- they were snug, but not binding. They were so LIGHT. 
As I hit the pavement this morning, I really felt the road. It was awkward at first, but I enjoyed the feeling of rawness as I ran. Unfortunately, about a mile in, I had some nasty plantar pain on the right again. After another half mile, it got worse, to the point where my gait was off - slowing down during right foot strike. 

I stopped at a mile and half to stretch my gastroc. It seemed to help immediately, but it started up again about 3 minutes later. I had thought that I should start walking, but I decided to 'tough' it out.. I would treat myself tonight after work, (a home care day) or maybe even stop by the office and use the cold laser on it.
As I headed home I decided to do some hills instead - it would slow me down and put a different stress (load) on my feet. That seemed to do the trick. The pain turned to discomfort, then I was running fine.

It's still a little annoying as I'm sitting here 8 hours later - but what's bumming me out is that I really like the way these new shoes feel. I really don't want to send them back. Maybe one more run in them will let me know.

Ugh. And the car exhaust was just AWFUL this morning. Park running has spoiled the hell out of me.

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  1. They really are great shoes...maybe refocus on your form?

  2. I always say, if the shoe doesn't feel fantastic in the store, DON'T BUY IT. You may want to consider a more cushioned performance shoe like the NB 890v2. I'm a big fan of Brooks, but I haven't really liked the Pure line, except for the Drift. New Balance makes different widths that might help optimize your fit. I personally like the Saucouny Vittara and I'm targeting that as my next pair.


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