Friday, April 19, 2013

Second Florida Run

This morning was a much better run. I had made sure to drink plenty of water all day yesterday. I managed my right ankle with self mobs, massage and cross friction. I ate and slept well. I got up earlier, and managed to leave the house earlier. I wore shorts for the first time EVER since I started running. It was not as bad as I thought it would be.
I decided to reverse my route, and I went down Commodore first - and I managed to go further than I did  yesterday.

Here is a better shot of the canal and 595

The people I came across during the run today were much more friendly than yesterday. Probably because I didn't look like a crazy girl in long compression tights running in 80% humidity.  I still had to walk after about 3 miles, but I was able to recover quicker, and continue to run at a decent pace, considering the high humidity and heat. I also drank my water every 10 minutes or so, before it got too warm. Unfortunately, I did not have any electrolytes in it, which I'm sure contributed to why I needed to walk so frequently. 

Flamingo Park -the circle route

Commodore Ave looking north

A lone flower on a tree in the park

The pool  I jumped in after I got back this time.
 It was delightful and glorious. Just the right temperature to cool me off. 

I think if I were to move here, it would take me about 6 months or more to acclimate in order to begin to run more efficiently. For me, running here is brutal, especially coming out of winter running. I wonder how it feels to run in high altitudes when you're not used to it.


  1. Nah, it would take you about 2 weeks. That is about what it takes at high elevations, as well. High altitudes slow you down for sure, and you have to consume much more water. But you can really "feel" the run. It's kinda fun!

  2. That pool looks PERFECT!! I can't even imagine transitioning from winter to Florida running in a short time. At least with seasons you get gradually used to it!

  3. Yes Jan.. I don't know what I was thinking. It was difficult! But I'll be back to more moderate temps on Monday! Thanks for your comment!


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