Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cooler temps and dog days..

It's good to be back running in cooler temps and MUCH lower humidity. It's been 2 days since my first run back in NY, and I can't remember much of it. I should really take notes or blog that day. I do remember that the Magellan did not record the activity.

Runmeter Data

Today was a little more interesting. After waiting to see if the drizzle would stop at 6:30 this morning, the weather cleared beautifully by 7:00 despite stiff winds. I felt good going up the street.  A few yards ahead I noticed there were 3 cars lined up in the street with their brake lights on.  Ahead of them was a medium-large size dog in the middle of the road, standing without seeming too stressed. The lead car honked, and the dog slowly meandered off the road. Looking around and seeing no one running after him, I called to him, and he trotted right over. He was not wearing any tags, but had a shock collar and invisifence collar on.  I walked him back to my house, and left him in my gated yard. 
"I'll deal with him when I get back",  I mused.

I reset both devices and started out again. But I wasn't feeling as good as I was prior to the rescue. My heart rate was higher, and my back was aching a little bit from staying bent to hold onto the collar while I walked him home. I tried to relax and started concentrating on my breathing and form, and before I knew it, I had forgotten about the dog in my yard, and my achy back. I did, however, then see a woman walking two dachshunds. Just earlier, a Facebook friend mentioned it was a year ago today that she lost her dachshund, and then the second one 30 days later, presumably from a broken heart. (When I got back to the house I posted to let her know that I thought they were communicating to her some way through me, and that I thought she might find comfort in that.)

There was a street cleaner on the main route I take, and it was stirring up a sand and debris storm which I was not to keen to run through. I turned around the way I came, and headed back toward the house. I turned hungry very quickly at that point, and felt my energy wane. I thought I was having a problem concentrating, and my thoughts turned to the dog sitting in my yard. He looked to be a cross of yellow lab and a golden, with a big rottie head. I had visions of  "Marley" - large holes in my yard and half my deck gone from chewing.  Then I started thinking about the 4 miler I have coming up in two days, and how maybe I should be cutting this run short. I did some fartleks, and some walking - then headed back home. 

Said dog waiting for me to shower and the vet to open.

By the time I showered and re-fueled, it was time to drop this wayward pup at the vet. The dog showed no fear of the car. The vet tech recognized the dog as being dropped off 2 other times. She had forgotten the name of the dog, but said that the owner lived right off the block I lived on. She gave me a description of the house, and off I went to deliver him home.

The owner was in the yard, and came up to the car quickly, seeming to know I was there to return his dog.  We exchanged pleasantries and I found out the dog's name. Just in case I should 'run' into him again.



  1. Welcome back to perfect running weather. That was very nice of you to rescue that dog. I'm glad it had a happy ending.

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    2. Thanks, ER. I'm wondering if the run would have felt different for me if I hadn't stopped. My dog has gotten out a few times, and was rescued by neighbors. I just felt I needed to pay it forward.

      The weather in northern climes is SO much easier to run in!

  2. Glad you took care of the dog! You'd think the owners would learn to keep him in somehow.

    1. Yes Jan. If I end up finding him again, I'll be sure to mention it.


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