Sunday, April 14, 2013

Testaverde Spinal Victory 5k Recap

What to say? It was one of the best times I had racing, and my best pace for a 5k.

I was able to support a friend who has been training since the end of December '12 and decided to run his first race.  He came in 8th out of 17 in his age group! 

He may have just been bitten by the running bug!

Here comes Bernie over the finish line! Great time!

Who knew there were raffles? Apparently, not me - not even knowing I should have given them the stub from my bib. Oh well. They'll be others!

And, I was so lucky to meet Scotty from DailyMile! It was so great to talk to him about his story, and for me to tell him mine! It seems he is familiar with the area I'm from, which makes it all the better. Scotty broke his last PR too. He came in under 22 minutes- and placed 4th in his age group, and 35th overall! 

The route was fast, just like Scotty informed me before the race. It was windy yet again. After the race I was very cold when the clouds blocked the sun and the wind blew even harder. Running back to the car was actually brutal. I left just in time, I think.
But there was plenty to eat, people were able to get stretched afterward, and the prizes were great. This is a race I'll definitely do  again next year.

I celebrated with Chipotle, and now it's time for laundry and to start packing for my trip to Florida on Wednesday. I'm going to spend some time with my parents, and you can be sure I'll be doing some running while I'm there.

25:31 (New PR by 1:00!)
8:14 pace
2/35 age group
96/433  overall

So many thanks to everyone who supported me with words of encouragement and helpful advice during this wonderful journey thusfar! (A year the end of March)

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  1. This is SO COOL. I'm so friggin' proud of you! And how great it is to find and meet new running buddies! Oh, I wished we lived closer so we could do all this together! I love you, sister!

    1. Thanks, Reese! You have no idea how I've wished that you lived closer. I really want Kath to start, but I know if she wants to do it, she'll do it when she's ready.
      Buddies are awesome! (even though I like to run alone!) *wink*
      I love you tooo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gigi.. I hope you get that paper completed!

  3. Amazing performance. Congrats on the PR! You have so much potential. I'll bet you break 8 minutes on a 5K at some point. Please take it easy for a week and let your muscles recover.

    1. Well, I was sucking quite a bit of wind after crossing the finish - but the breathing during the run is what kept me 'fueled' so to speak. I would love one day to be in total control of how I run. From there, potential will be realized! Woo hoo~ :)

  4. Great time, especially in the windy conditions, and a PR to boot! Enjoy sunny Florida! Hopefully, you'll bring the warm weather with you when you return! :o)

    1. Thank you! Iw will certainly try to bring that weather back for everyone!

  5. I'm sorry I forgot all about this... I wanted to cheer you on, but it seems like you had a fabulous run! Enjoy florida!


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