Sunday, April 28, 2013

Short and Sweet

Just a short run around the neighborhood. Wasn't quite feeling it as I've been up since 5:30, food shopping, cleaning, cooking for the week and feeling what I thought good enough to do a long run. Bleh. As soon as I got out there, even though the weather is PERFECT - my legs were a bit sluggish. Decided to go once around and call it a recovery run.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eisenhower 4 Mile Recap

It's so strange that when I think I'm not prepared to do well in a race, I surprise myself. 
Having not run strong in Florida, and running only twice since then without doing very much speed work or even easy distance, I relied on sitting down with Runmeter last night and planned my splits and what pace I wanted to do for each mile. I thought that if I did the calculations, and I stuck close to them, I would be victorious in running a PR for 4 miles. Since my best 4 mile time was 34:52, I thought coming in anywhere during 33 minutes would be reasonable. I also planned for negatives.

                  Plan               Actual
Mile1         9:00                7:52
Mile2         8:30                8:27 
Mile3         8:15                8:46
Mile4         8:00                8:14

Close, but no cigar. Starting out too fast has always been an issue for me. Runmeter lady was telling me to slow down for the first 2 miles, and to 'speed your damn ass up' the last 2 miles. But - dear, virtual sentinel, how could I do that when I went out too fast?

So, the positives..
I was fighting nausea and the urge to walk. That's something I'm happy about this race, I did not walk once! I ALMOST stopped to walk, but kept moving until the wrenching in my gut dissipated, then picked up the pace again. I think I did that 2 or 3 times, probably during mile 3.

It's cool that I planned for 33:45 and came in 33:47 - but, again, not feeling in control of my pace is unsettling. It is getting somewhat better since I began running, so I can only hope that it will continue to improve the more I practice.

There was a nice turnout. There was some construction going on, so we were diverted off the pavement and onto grass for about the length of 2 baseball fields, I think. There were MANY turns. I tried my best to run the tangents. I think I did fairly well, because Magellan says I came in at 3.9 miles, and Runmeter said I ran 4.03. So, even though there were so many turns, I think I spared myself running the potential extra distance. 

As a matter of fact, I heard one of the course monitors say to me.. "ahh.. taking the shortcut, I see.." Which kind of put me off at first -I thought that was the correct way to run a course like this because race officials measure courses with tangents. Am I wrong?
I don't think I did anything wrong.

I also thought I heard someone say,"Looking strong, PP"-- or something to that effect. I could have been delirious, who knows.  

One of my Facebook friends commented through Runmeter with a simple word.. "donut" - about 2 minutes into the race, when everything was quiet, and people were concentrating while jockeying for position. You know the atmosphere.. I snorted a partial guffaw which made someone turn around to look.  A little embarrassing, but amusing none the less. It was a subtle reminder to me to keep it light and relaxed, despite the way I felt about how I might finish.

It was mid 50's with a light, steady breeze. I dressed good to start, a little too warm for the end.

A rare self photo, but I'm happy to PR!

Next week is the Long Island Marathon with 1/2 and 10k races. I'll be doing the 10k. Time to beat: 00:58:18 from Cow Harbor last year.
Right now I'm confident I can PR, but I should not count my chickens.
Because of all the racing I've been doing, I've not been able to get any LSR's in. I'm going to try not to register for anything after next weekend.

00:33:47 (PR)  8:27 pace
7/20 Age group
71/226 Overall

It felt good to be on the second page of the results list!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cooler temps and dog days..

It's good to be back running in cooler temps and MUCH lower humidity. It's been 2 days since my first run back in NY, and I can't remember much of it. I should really take notes or blog that day. I do remember that the Magellan did not record the activity.

Runmeter Data

Today was a little more interesting. After waiting to see if the drizzle would stop at 6:30 this morning, the weather cleared beautifully by 7:00 despite stiff winds. I felt good going up the street.  A few yards ahead I noticed there were 3 cars lined up in the street with their brake lights on.  Ahead of them was a medium-large size dog in the middle of the road, standing without seeming too stressed. The lead car honked, and the dog slowly meandered off the road. Looking around and seeing no one running after him, I called to him, and he trotted right over. He was not wearing any tags, but had a shock collar and invisifence collar on.  I walked him back to my house, and left him in my gated yard. 
"I'll deal with him when I get back",  I mused.

I reset both devices and started out again. But I wasn't feeling as good as I was prior to the rescue. My heart rate was higher, and my back was aching a little bit from staying bent to hold onto the collar while I walked him home. I tried to relax and started concentrating on my breathing and form, and before I knew it, I had forgotten about the dog in my yard, and my achy back. I did, however, then see a woman walking two dachshunds. Just earlier, a Facebook friend mentioned it was a year ago today that she lost her dachshund, and then the second one 30 days later, presumably from a broken heart. (When I got back to the house I posted to let her know that I thought they were communicating to her some way through me, and that I thought she might find comfort in that.)

There was a street cleaner on the main route I take, and it was stirring up a sand and debris storm which I was not to keen to run through. I turned around the way I came, and headed back toward the house. I turned hungry very quickly at that point, and felt my energy wane. I thought I was having a problem concentrating, and my thoughts turned to the dog sitting in my yard. He looked to be a cross of yellow lab and a golden, with a big rottie head. I had visions of  "Marley" - large holes in my yard and half my deck gone from chewing.  Then I started thinking about the 4 miler I have coming up in two days, and how maybe I should be cutting this run short. I did some fartleks, and some walking - then headed back home. 

Said dog waiting for me to shower and the vet to open.

By the time I showered and re-fueled, it was time to drop this wayward pup at the vet. The dog showed no fear of the car. The vet tech recognized the dog as being dropped off 2 other times. She had forgotten the name of the dog, but said that the owner lived right off the block I lived on. She gave me a description of the house, and off I went to deliver him home.

The owner was in the yard, and came up to the car quickly, seeming to know I was there to return his dog.  We exchanged pleasantries and I found out the dog's name. Just in case I should 'run' into him again.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fourth Florida Post

It's cooler this morning, but higher humidity - the clouds are heavy and gray. Rain is imminent. If I do run, it will be on my moms treadmill. I love the fact that my mom has a treadmill. AND that she uses it. It says so much about her love for us, really. At 77, you might mistake her for 65.

 Isn't this weather gadget great? I believe I get my love of gadgets from my dad.   Last year he was building his own printer that produces real life, 3D objects. This year, he's teaching the kid across the street how to build robots. 

This one take pictures

Isn't he cute? This one works like the Roomba vacuum. One eye transmits, the other eye is the receiver

This is the top view. Dad builds the circuitry and programs the chip. He uses C++

Here is the printer he built that creates 3d objects. See the spool of  composite material on top?

It just started raining now.  I'm sure in an hour the sky will be blue and any runner with a stronger constitution than myself will try their hand at running in this soup. We're eating out for the first time I've been here, so, it's Chipolte for lunch, and Alexander's for dinner tonight. I'm already thinking I might want to come down here again in February. Maybe watch the marathon. Time is flying by so fast.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Third Florida Run

I was out the door a little earlier this morning,  carried some coconut water with me, only 6 oz - and started out on the same route as yesterday. I did not go into the park today, but continued right on NW 8th after coming back north on Commodore. I went down to Flamingo, and came back home. I walked several times because I was so uncomfortable. It was 77 degrees with an 85% humidity, and very little breeze. Because it was a Saturday morning, there were very few people and cars on the road.

I did come across a couple dozen very tiny frogs passing from the waterway across the pavement on my way down the bike path paralleling 595. I managed not to step on any of them.

It's so flat down here, that the GPS works beautifully. If you take a real close look at todays map, you'll see when I ran into the street a few feet to avoid a woman and her dog stopped on the side walk. I also went down the wrong street briefly, and you can see the little turn I made.

I was considering perhaps attempting a marathon in a few years, depending on how I feel after I run a half.  Looking to see what marathon will allow me to qualify for the Boston, I came across the A1A Marathon held in February.  I wonder how Florida is in February.  If it's anywhere near the temps it is now, I can't see myself doing it.

And I guess that's it. I'm going to run again in the morning if it's not raining. Even though I've run 3 days in a row, I feel like I didn't train as well I could have because I was unable to push myself.  My next vacation in May I'll be in Minnesota with my sister, who is still experiencing winter in April. I'm sure the weather will be much more hospitable to running strong.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Second Florida Run

This morning was a much better run. I had made sure to drink plenty of water all day yesterday. I managed my right ankle with self mobs, massage and cross friction. I ate and slept well. I got up earlier, and managed to leave the house earlier. I wore shorts for the first time EVER since I started running. It was not as bad as I thought it would be.
I decided to reverse my route, and I went down Commodore first - and I managed to go further than I did  yesterday.

Here is a better shot of the canal and 595

The people I came across during the run today were much more friendly than yesterday. Probably because I didn't look like a crazy girl in long compression tights running in 80% humidity.  I still had to walk after about 3 miles, but I was able to recover quicker, and continue to run at a decent pace, considering the high humidity and heat. I also drank my water every 10 minutes or so, before it got too warm. Unfortunately, I did not have any electrolytes in it, which I'm sure contributed to why I needed to walk so frequently. 

Flamingo Park -the circle route

Commodore Ave looking north

A lone flower on a tree in the park

The pool  I jumped in after I got back this time.
 It was delightful and glorious. Just the right temperature to cool me off. 

I think if I were to move here, it would take me about 6 months or more to acclimate in order to begin to run more efficiently. For me, running here is brutal, especially coming out of winter running. I wonder how it feels to run in high altitudes when you're not used to it.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Florida run

I'm here in Florida visiting my folks. I was up at 2:00AM on Wednesday to catch a 6:15am flight out.
I arrived in one piece, hoping to hear news that they caught the perpetrators of the Boston bombing. Sadly, they had not - but I know they will. Yesterday's news was promising, and I know that law enforcement will prevail.
I'm writing this while watching the interfaith telecast. Very moving. 

I spent all day yesterday sitting in a recliner and catching up with my mom and dad. I reintroduced her to MyFitnessPal, the website I use on occasion to help keep me accountable for my weight control.

We watched PBS specials on health that she had recorded. My mom takes great care of herself and my father. She spends her time poring over articles from many sources on staying healthy, food choices, vitamins, supplements, etc. Both my parents have lost weight, and they look wonderful.

Meanwhile, I sat around relaxing. I napped. I listened to "Season of the Harvest" by Michael Hicks.  I did not run.

I paid for it this morning.  Or perhaps it was that I overdressed. I wore my compression capris and calf sleeves. (Because god forbid I should feel the vibration of my 53 year old legs wobbling around.) I did wear a performance tank, so no sleeves. 

It was 76 degrees with 82 percent humidity. It was windy, (of course) about 12 mph out of the east.

I planned an 8 mile route, between a 10-9:30 pace, knowing that the environment was hostile.
I had no idea just how uncomfortable I was going to be. The first 2 miles down the road out of the development  and into the small park with a circular path was not so bad. I felt my right ankle was very tight for some reason, so I could not lean forward enough at the ankles.  I was spending too much time thinking about how uncomfortable I was feeling.  I tried to pay attention to my breathing. But all I could feel was the sweat running down my back, between my breasts, into my eyes.  I tried  to take in my surroundings, the different flora, the herons, the clean, wide sidewalks. I tried to say hello to other people walking their dogs, pushing strollers. Very unfriendly bunch down here.  The only person who said hello was an older gentleman on the opposite side of  Commodore Ave - a 2 lane road separated by a grassy median, so it's fairly wide.  It turns out after I got home, I found out that 'older gentleman' was my father, out for his morning walk. 

By the time I got down to the end of Commodore, I made a left on to a service road of sorts,  the surface was delightful, there was a canal separating me from highway 595.  

The exhaust and heat coming from the cars, despite the wind (now a head wind) just sapped everything out of me. I ended up cutting the run short, turned around, and alternated between walking and running back to the house. Thoughts of jumping in the pool entered my mind, but I doubted I would have the strength to peel off the sweaty compression garments I was wearing. I lumbered home,  made myself a Greenberry shakeology (I forgot how good Green was) and drank a tall glass of ice water. BTW, the water I was carrying in my hand on the run had warmed up to the point where it wasn't even drinkable. Bleh.

I'm going to go out and try again tomorrow morning, hopefully earlier, without the compression attire. The weather looks to be identical to this morning, with less wind. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I did not know that runners were uniting today to wear a race shirt of some kind. I went out this morning with my new Pure Connect Brooks and my usual running attire. I did want to run 4.09 miles (the time on the clock, 04:09:xx when the first bomb exploded) to honor the wounded and dead.  I got close on one device, and went over on the other. But the intent was there.

If it were an early weekend morning, would I of had the balls to run 4 hours and nine minutes? Perhaps.

Good run, good breathing, I did extra hills today after talking with Scotty about how important they were. My new thing is wanting to learn to love them.

The shoes felt great. I ran better in these then I did with the Pure Cadence. I've got to decide to either try the Cadence again, or send them back. I think I'll get credit toward another pair of shoes only.

Nothing more to say. Kinda bummed with the whole Boston thing. I had set my iPad up in the kitchen at work, set it to stream the event from the BAA site, and every once in a while would pop in for a look at how it was going. I got caught up with work after the first hour and a half, so I missed the elite men and women crossing the finish. I was daydreaming about how I would need to train and what marathon I would need to run to qualify for the Boston. Would I be able to run it in 2015? 2017?

I had gone into the bathroom, and coming out there were 2 or 3 people standing there waiting to tell me about the bombing. They knew I am now a runner, and that I must need to know this.  Patients were on their plinths getting news texts almost immediately. The front office turned the TV on in the waiting room, and people were standing watching, mouths agape. I felt numb and nauseous. Waves of despair rippled through me as I tried to tend to my current patient. I felt personally attacked. This was MY sport. This sport brings me and thousands of other people; including my sister - JOY. How could this have happened? What about security? If the ING NYC Marathon had been run last year, would they have hit that one? Was this the alternative?

Well, I guess I did have more to say.
I just hope they catch whoever did this.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

On the 117th Boston Marathon

I really have no words that can sum up what I'm feeling about the cowardly act that took place at the Boston Marathon today. This is an event where thousands of people, their friends and family, celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit, the strength and resiliency of the human body, the joyfulness of attaining a goal that helps define oneself. Where, as Dr. George Sheehan states in Running and Being, The Total Experience:

"For every runner..running marathons..there are thousands who run to hear the leaves.. For them, sport is not a test but a therapy; not a trial but a reward; not a question, but an answer."

 I pray that all these runners participating in Boston today, and those, including myself who will run tomorrow and in the future, will not be thwarted in our quest for our answers -  regardless of the questions.

I pray for a speedy recovery for those injured and peace for the friends and family of those who have lost their lives. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Testaverde Spinal Victory 5k Recap

What to say? It was one of the best times I had racing, and my best pace for a 5k.

I was able to support a friend who has been training since the end of December '12 and decided to run his first race.  He came in 8th out of 17 in his age group! 

He may have just been bitten by the running bug!

Here comes Bernie over the finish line! Great time!

Who knew there were raffles? Apparently, not me - not even knowing I should have given them the stub from my bib. Oh well. They'll be others!

And, I was so lucky to meet Scotty from DailyMile! It was so great to talk to him about his story, and for me to tell him mine! It seems he is familiar with the area I'm from, which makes it all the better. Scotty broke his last PR too. He came in under 22 minutes- and placed 4th in his age group, and 35th overall! 

The route was fast, just like Scotty informed me before the race. It was windy yet again. After the race I was very cold when the clouds blocked the sun and the wind blew even harder. Running back to the car was actually brutal. I left just in time, I think.
But there was plenty to eat, people were able to get stretched afterward, and the prizes were great. This is a race I'll definitely do  again next year.

I celebrated with Chipotle, and now it's time for laundry and to start packing for my trip to Florida on Wednesday. I'm going to spend some time with my parents, and you can be sure I'll be doing some running while I'm there.

25:31 (New PR by 1:00!)
8:14 pace
2/35 age group
96/433  overall

So many thanks to everyone who supported me with words of encouragement and helpful advice during this wonderful journey thusfar! (A year the end of March)

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tempo Run and Migraine

I was considering doing some speed work before my next race on the 14th until a better plan came along. The Emerging Runner suggested I try some Tempos instead, with 30 seconds of running at my 5k pace.

All went well. My tempo runs were at my planned HM pace, 9:00 min/mi. My current 5k pace is about 8:35. My plan was as follows:

5 min warm up (>10:00)
1 mile tempo,  1/2 mile slow (between 9:30-10:00), 30 sec 5k pace:  4 times.
5 min cool down (I did not cool down - but went on a little longer to finish over 7 miles. I actually pushed toward the end, and surprised myself)

I should have run my 5k pace at least 1 min. By the time I got up to speed, 30 seconds was over. As a matter of fact, Runmeter was so busy announcing my efforts at one point, one of the 30 seconds turned out to be about 15 seconds because of the overlap. She just decided to blow it off, I guess..

Quite happy after my effort, I jumped in the shower to get ready to start my day visiting patients at their homes.

About 2 or 3 minutes in, that familiar crescent shaped, sparkly fractal entered my view from bottom right. I spent another 15 mins or so finishing my shower and following the aura's path through the center of my vision, and then watching as it made it's way up and out of sight to the right. (If I remember correctly, normally, it moves out to the upper left. It was different today)

Usually, I get all bummed out and anxious at the thought of having to deal. But, for some reason, maybe it was because of the endorphins from the run, I was almost indifferent to it. I took some naproxen with a large glass of water, and waited for my fate.

There was no serious pounding. I kept the radio off in the car and put on my sunglasses. (thank goodness it was overcast) There was a feeling like a very small vice grip on the left side of my head, and although I felt like I was wading through molasses most of the morning, every thing was fine. I took another naproxen 2 hrs later, and kept thinking about how great the run was this morning.

I'm still a little 'thick headed' - but ok. I'm grateful that it was a home care day and not a day in the office. The bright lights, ambient noise level and stress of keeping up with patients would have made it all much worse.

This run was enjoyable because I felt I was more able to control my pace. My slow runs should have been slower, but I chose to keep them speedier. I'm able to 'relax' my pace and my 3-2 breathing pattern falls right into place. There is nothing like getting the right amount of oxygen!

My new mantra when tired is, "You feel sooo good right now!" Somehow, my body believes it when I say it. At least it did today.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring, running buddies

All set to go with my calf compressions on, I started out hoping I would feel better than yesterday, and I did. 
With just a cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon and about 4 oz of some Kefir, I was set to go an hour later.
I love it when I can play around with my pace and still get some distance in. 
Yay for morning runs!

I was feeling a little bluesy this morning - but convincing myself to get out there is the elixir.

The forsythia is finally blooming, and the yard guys are here doing the spring clean up. This makes me happy.

I'm running with a friend this Sunday at the Spinal Victory race in Wantagh. We talk fitness a lot at work. He's a massage therapist and seasoned body builder. He started running, too.. and he's been building his mileage up slowly. Of course, speed will follow. We'll be at the race together on Sunday, and I'll meet him at the finish line!

I'm wondering if I should get down to the track on Thursday or Friday for some speed work.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has arrived!

Just a recovery run after work. *Bad* - I was dragging ass again.

But, it was 72 degrees!  *Good* - Spring is here, finally!

I forgot to put my compression sleeves on. *Bad* - I'm convinced wearing them makes me 'springy'.

But I did remember to put on my new socks. *Good* - they are soft and neon pink.

I had little to eat all day today, and went out hungry. *Bad* - No wonder I was dragging ass.

But, I had a tuna sandwich and two pieces of  Sanders Dark Chocolate Carmels with Sea Salt when I got home. *Good* - and I mean 

Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nicholas Pedone 5k Recap

Whew! What a race. Nasty-ass hills. Great turnout. Lots o' kiddies. What a free for all start!   Kids are funny. They took off like bats out of hell - and then collectively started dropping off like flies by 1/4 mile in. That was fine, really - as it cleared up the road and the race started to quiet down considerably.

Nicholas is the nephew of an acquaintance of mine . He is the cutest thing, and is being treated for stage 3 neuroblastoma, diagnosed right after Hurricane Sandy.  Friday evening, we discussed the difficulties of putting together a race like this. The proceeds were to help pay for the medical bills. They were not expecting such a large turnout. They were concerned they would not have enough t-shirts - enough food at the end. The timing company explained to her that this was the biggest first time run that they had put on in 10 years. 700 registered, 659 raced. The community of Glen Cove and surrounding towns and villages are incredible!

Sweet Nicholas and overall first place winner. He gave his trophy to Nicholas!

All the finishers signed!

Nicholas' cousin and organizer, 17 year old Anthony Famiglietti

It was about 45 degrees at the start. And what would a race be without 20 mile an hour winds?!? And huge, bad ass hills?

Actually, the first half was a pretty much a breeze, mostly downhill. But in a loop, you have to get back to the elevation from which you started! I walked 3 times, I think. I took my walks at what I thought were the steepest part of the elevations, about 30 seconds each. 

At the turn coming around back toward the finish, a woman with great form and pace had passed me. She looked to be older than me. I basically followed her to the finish. She took walk breaks too, but we chose to take them at different times. 
She crossed the finish about 30 seconds before me, and although I remembered to smile for the camera at the end (or video, I couldn't tell) I forgot to shut off my devices. Ugh. But, the woman I was pacing came up to me at the water table and told me how great my running looked! I was thrilled! She looked to be a seasoned runner, and here I was, admiring HER race! 

All in all, I'm a happy runner.

I did eat a P90X Cafe Mocha bar (caffeine?) about an hour before the race (new variable, bad) and 1/2 scoop of Cytomax in 12 ounces of water (also something new, from reading what my sister uses)
I thought the pieces of my heart would flutter to the ground after exploding in my chest.  But, I repeatedly admonished myself for changing my pre-race fueling and then told myself I would not die, COULD not die of a cardiac episode during this race. I just kept up with my rhythmic breathing, and made it out ok. Needless to say I'll never use THAT combination again.

I ran in the Ravennas. No plantar pain.
Oh, and Nature Valley's Crunchy Oats 'n Dark Chocolate  bar is awesome.

26:44  8:36 pace
2/31 in age group 50-59
13/408 women
48/659 overall 


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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I hate dirty car exhaust, but I like Pure Cadence.

Despite the fact that it was 29 degrees when I headed out this morning, I was warm before the first mile had been run. I believe I started out slower on purpose, but I'm not quite sure. I ran in a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence (not II). I have been trying on so many pairs of shoes lately, that I'm hoping I remember what I tried so I don't reorder the same pair twice. I had tried the Pure Cadence II and the Pure Flow. Both had me bummed even before I walked out the door with them. My instep felt strangled, and the Pure Flow was actually digging in medially on both feet. I didn't even try to run in them. When I  read the reviews, (after the fact) it seemed quite a few people had the same complaint as myself.

My sister is a fan of the Pure Cadence (the first one) - so I tracked a pair down and by golly- they were snug, but not binding. They were so LIGHT. 
As I hit the pavement this morning, I really felt the road. It was awkward at first, but I enjoyed the feeling of rawness as I ran. Unfortunately, about a mile in, I had some nasty plantar pain on the right again. After another half mile, it got worse, to the point where my gait was off - slowing down during right foot strike. 

I stopped at a mile and half to stretch my gastroc. It seemed to help immediately, but it started up again about 3 minutes later. I had thought that I should start walking, but I decided to 'tough' it out.. I would treat myself tonight after work, (a home care day) or maybe even stop by the office and use the cold laser on it.
As I headed home I decided to do some hills instead - it would slow me down and put a different stress (load) on my feet. That seemed to do the trick. The pain turned to discomfort, then I was running fine.

It's still a little annoying as I'm sitting here 8 hours later - but what's bumming me out is that I really like the way these new shoes feel. I really don't want to send them back. Maybe one more run in them will let me know.

Ugh. And the car exhaust was just AWFUL this morning. Park running has spoiled the hell out of me.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let It Go.

I feel better right now. 33 degrees with a 13 mph WNW wind, I had some 20 mph gusts - I dressed correctly.

Breathing was good. 3 in, 2 out on alternate foot step is instinctual now.
No discomfort. I know I need to use my gluts more.

I lifted yesterday for chest, back and arms. My arm swing benefited from that today. It's amazing how your arm swing encourages your stride.

I am a morning person, thus, a morning runner. I don't think I could do the summer series runs that start at 7pm. 

I have to let go of runs that don't make me happy.  So far I'm pretty successful at letting go of other things in my life that don't make me happy. I'm sure I'll add this eventually too.

Thanks for putting up with my whining. My mother should have named me Mona.

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