Thursday, January 31, 2013

My first treadmill RUN.

I've walked on a treadmill before. But never used it for running. I was not a runner. I was a sloppy treadmill walker. Frequently side-stepping.. sometimes getting too close to the back of the running platform if I allowed my mind to wander. I think if I remember the last time I was on my daughter's treadmill, I was walking at 2.5? 3.0? And I couldn't wait to get off of it. And this was after only 20 minutes of walkingI remember ITB pain, calf pain, and plain ol' fatigue. Gosh - how long ago was that?

This afternoon, I popped in a dvd on Tai Chi, ( I WILL get to practice that one day) and stepped on the 'mill. I could barely figure out how to set it up, I was pressed for time as I only had 45 minutes before I had to leave the house.  I hit 'start' - told it 30 minutes, set the incline to 2.5, and gradually made my way from 3.0 to 6.5 and then eventually back down again. Every once in a while I kept hitting my right hand on the console. I guess I was running too fast for the speed of the belt? Or perhaps my stride was too long at times? I was able to correct my form a bit, but it was definitely not the same as the road. I kept wondering just how less efficient I was on the machine compared to the road. Was I getting the same workout? The numbers I was watching probably don't mean a thing. I was a bit disappointed about 10 minutes in when my calves started to ache. Then it dawned on me that I started out on an incline. Duh. I leveled it out, the ache disappeared and found that I needed to go faster! Cool. About halfway through, I started to sweat! I don't know why I was surprised about that. But, indeed, that is a good thing! (Note: Get a bigger fan. The one on the machine is useless)

I wore my Magellan watch with the heart rate monitor and cadence pod. I thought I started it when I started the treadmill, but when I brought the incline down, I glanced at the watch and it was asking me if I wanted to start an activity. Oh well.

The treadmill said I did 2.70 miles in 30 minutes - Magellan said I did 2+ miles in 20 minutes. I understand that neither is going to be very accurate, but since the Magellan is calculating HR and cadence, I should perhaps go with that.

I was wondering that since I was on a machine that was rolling under me at a constant speed, and providing that my cadence or stride length does not change - will the treadmill force me to run at a more steady pace? How much variation of pace will occur in any given 2 points of time? Would it be less than if I were on the road?

I have to print out the manual and get acquainted with my new 'gadget' - now that my interest in it has changed. I feel transformed in a way. The carryover from all this training I've been doing on the road automatically makes me an adequate treadmill user. I just have some tweaking to do with my positioning on the belt, and now I never have an excuse not to run.

It's late for me to be blogging, It's almost my bed time, so if I'm rambling, I apologize. But I wanted to get this in before I forgot some of it.  There is also a link to an article below that I wanted to talk about, but maybe another time. I'll leave it for your perusal.

Sweet dreams.

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  1. I've never trusted the data I see on the treadmill display. It always feels like I'm running harder on the treadmill at any given pace. It may be that the shorter stride forces a higher cadence. Others I know think the treadmill is easier because of the flat, flexible surface and the moving tread that pulls the runner along. I respectfully disagree...

  2. Ok. So far, based on the 2 different types of runs I did, it's a mixed bag. The first run I was playing with intervals and speed for 30 minutes. It was a workout! This recent run I did a pre-programmed, flat interval run for 40 minutes, and I barely broke a sweat. ??

    I wish the outside temperature would rise!!


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