Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting my act together..

I just finished my first run back after a week respite because of the dropping temps.  I wasn't feeling it at all this morning, but after food shopping, (NO CHEESE OR ICE CREAM - even though Breyers was 2 for $6.00) and spending the morning in the kitchen making chili, butternut squash soup, pork roast, chickpea snacks, steel cut oats to last me all week, tuna fish for sandwiches, cutting up fruit and freezing it for my Shakelogy (whew - I have a penchant for run on sentences, I know..)

..the thermometer said 35 degrees!  I was feeling better psychologically after all the food prep. It's been too long since making my own meals on a regular basis, and after the total fail of my cholesterol count, it's about time I got back to it again. The chimes were ringing, meaning that it was going to be windy, but for some reason I did not think about wind chill.

I threw on the first things I saw, with '35 degrees' in mind, started up my gadgets and flew out the door before I even had a chance to change my mind.

My goal was 6 miles, but I got chilled first thing out, I wasn't dressed for the wind. I forgot all about trying to keep my heart rate under 140, instead trying to breath through my nose periodically to warm the air instead of using my mouth. I felt chilled from the inside, too. 
I found a comfortable pace, and just stuck with it. I slowed down a bit on the inclines, sped up a bit on the declines, and decided it was getting too cold for the way I was dressed, and cut it down to 4 miles.

I'm figuring based on my stats that 8:45- 9:20 looks like my easy pace (at least for today!) I'm hoping that I can stick to my 8:30 race pace come February 9th for my next 5k. I'm also hoping I can get another LSR in before that.

Have a good week, all!

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