Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On committing..

The treadmill arrived as scheduled, and just as it was a bitch getting it out of the house, it was equally as difficult getting it back into the room it started in. Those moving men visualize stuff in more than 3D. I plugged it in, it works.. so now I'm set for rainy and real cold days! Thank you, my darling daughter Cadie.

Even though the temperature was 40 degrees this morning, I was hesitant to go out. I was! (I'm typing this at 8:30, and I have that ENT appointment at 9:15. I hate running on such a tight timeline.) At 7:00,  I knew I had time for a 30 minute run after counting back from 9:00, including shower time and some metric browsing, and I KNEW that as soon as I started getting dressed, I was committed. That's one thing I love about running. I could dress to lift weights in my workout room, and then putter around the house and NOT get that workout in. But to run, as soon as I'm dressed and my gadgets are on, I step out the door, and there is no procrastinating. I'm gone.
So, that's what I did this morning, with a plan to stop at 30 minutes, to fit my schedule. Ah. Nice. Because of the urgency of the run, I did not eat, only fueled by a cup of halfcaf coffee. I was dogging it a bit at the end.

I came across this interesting article , and this is what I had suspected all along, even with the way the phone and watch work in comparison to each other.  So it could be any watch compared to any phone with any running app. I think I'll rely on my watch for my primary training numbers. Runmeter is my 'happy' tool for voice prompting and BIG colorful displays. I'm still happy I have my iPhone, even though the impetus for it's purchase was Runmeter.

Magellan Data

Runmeter Data


  1. Thank you for posting that article!!! That has been such a thorn in my side my entire running life (the whole 1.5 years of it LOL)

    1. Oh, you're welcome, gigi..I'm glad it confirmed your suspicions too. I still think Runmeter is a great app, for following friends while they run, and hearing and sending motivation during a run also. I'll put more confidence in my watch at this point.

  2. OK, so now I need a watch. Which one do you have?

    1. I have the Magellan Switch-Up. But really, I recommend just the Switch. It's lower profile, and doesn't have temperature reading. The temps I find, are always off. It may be different on a bike when it's not in direct contact with your skin, but I'll test that this spring.


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