Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little cheese with that run?

It was 40 degrees when I headed out this morning a little before 7:30. I decided to be daring and only wear my cap and one tech shirt with a high collar. My tenor chimes were ringing on the back deck, so I knew there was more than an occasional light breeze going on, but my gloves were warm, and I figured I could fight off the chill until I brought my core temp up.

I felt light this morning. I don't know if it was that I was wearing less, or that I remembered to drink more water during the day yesterday, or that I've been trying to eat less sugar. I haven't gotten on the scale for awhile, and I'm afraid to, to be honest about it. I finally have made an appointment with my GP to get my annual physical, and to talk about my new friend Tinnitus, and his friend, Tactile Allodynia. It's so frustrating watching things happen to you as you get older. I really want my cholesterol number to go down a bit, so I'm being a little bit more vigilant with what I'm eating. But god, how I love cheese. 

Oh. What? Yes. This is a running blog.

I finally remembered to take a pic of what I was wearing.
Note the magical ray of light emanating from my Magellan watch.

The run went well. I started to say how light I felt. That worked well for me. I also immediately started to think about what a fellow blogger commented to me a few days ago about just going out 'focusing on the experience'. I tried to concentrate on that instead of just my legs, or my form, or my arm swing, or the music, or what my audio notifications were saying. I tried to have a sense of my body as a whole mechanism, attempting to get from the place I was at that moment, to the next place I saw down the road a bit. I was not even aware of my pace until I was told to slow down. But, I was feeling so good, why should I? Except for the fact that I knew I would have no choice but to slow down in 15 minutes or so - I was really enjoying how I was moving at that point. 
The rest of the run was predictable. I did need to slow down, especially coming back up to elevation. (Thanks, Sea Cliff) I thought I might do 6 miles today, but as usual, changed my plan the first few minutes of the run, and decided to beat my 4 mile time from Tuesday. (which I did, by about 2+ minutes) I have my first 4 and 5 mile races coming up in a few months, so I wanted to start thinking in terms of those distances for training. I'm hoping that staying dedicated to 8, 10 and 12 mile long runs once a week will prepare me for my first half this year.

Blogging and sharing running experiences with others is cool.
So is cheese.

And here is yet more information about running slower.

RunMeter Data
Magellan Data

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