Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just imagine it.. and someone will invent it.

Just few weeks ago I was talking to people at work about how can I video my form while I'm out running - without having anyone help me. Someone said, 'Just use a treadmill'.. Treadmill running is a totally different experience then running on the road, and gait mechanics will differ from one surface to the other on many levels.

  Since my dad sent me a quadcopter as a Christmas gift, and I've been looking at others online, I've noticed that they are starting to have video cameras on them. The problem would be that the software on the controller board would have to recognize you vs. motion activated in order to keep up with you on the road and not take off after a car or squirrel passing you by. But once you're running, how do you control the copter without being distracted? You're going to need a side view, anterior and posterior view to really do some in depth gait analysis.

Voice control, of course!

This Tiny Pet Quadcopter Could Be Your Own Personal Cameraman

Who doesn't want to be the star of their own reality TV show? Well OK, sane people. But if you count yourself among the former, there's good news for you. A new, tiny quadcopter called the MeCam is just begging to be your ever-present cameraman. And you best take it up on the offer, there's no way you could find a human that willing.
MeCam is an upcoming product from the San Francisco-based company Always Innovating, and it promises to change self-centered video documentation forever, potentially. The copter would have a battery of 14 sensors to keep it from running into walls and other people, and would be voice controlled. You could shout at it to go "up" or "down" or just tell it to follow you like a flying, robotic member of the paparazzi (or a flying puppy), and call it a day. During its acrobatics, it'd be recording you, of course, and you could beam that footage to your smartphone and have it stream there, or shunt it over to YouTube or Facebook if that's your cup of tea.
There's no word on what kind of camera the MeCam would have, but that's probably because Always Innovating doesn't plan to build them itself, but rather to license out the technology to others. Still, when all is said and done, AI expects that the little guys could be as cheap as $49, which is frankly a steal for a pet quadcopter that doesn't constantly film you. The video is almost just a bonus. It's a little way off, but AI predicts the first licensed copters could hit shelves in 2014. Does it sound a little to good to be true, especially at that price-point? Sure. But here's to hoping. Who wouldn't want a pet quady, right? I'm naming mine "Quentin." [Liliputing via Smithsonian].

Yummm.. Gadgets. It's what's for dinner.

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