Sunday, January 13, 2013

Allowing the good to outweigh the bad

Well.. the good news is I ran my first half marathon (+) distance today. More good news is that I was able to control my discomfort level in my hips and knees and surrounding muscles by controlling my speed. I now know I can indeed run/walk/jog in combination and run a half.
The bad news is that I still cannot keep my heart rate under 140BPM.
Why is it so hard? I had a lot to think about in the 2.5 hours I was running. Maybe I need to run more slow runs until my heart adapts to pumping more volume of blood per stroke as I keep trying(!) to go slower. The outcome I'm trying to achieve is being able to eventually run quicker for longer periods of time with a slower heart rate, training my muscles to be more efficient using the (aerobic) fat burning pathway for energy instead of an anaerobic (glycogen, glucose) one. I think I understand the concept. The problem is I keep reading so much, and I'm over thinking things. As usual, I'm expecting immediate results, and when I don't get them, I question things all over again. 

 Another thing I was thinking about was Runmeter's live webpage that folks use to watch friends and family run during training or a race. Runmeter's app sends updated webpage code every 5 minutes. But the webpage itself does not update. At least that's my experience with watching my sister run. So, I just sent off an email to Runmeter asking them to just add a parameter to the web page when it builds it to refresh every 5 minutes or so, OR, set it to refresh based on the lap interval set in the users current setting. They are really good at responding, so I can't wait to see if they have already considered it, and just won't or can't do it for other logistical reasons.

I used the 'I Heart Radio' app on my run today, and it was such a great change from listening to my tunes play over and over again. The downside to THAT was that it drained the battery on my phone quicker than usual. I ran 14 miles, but the phone died at 12. I ran in silence for 2 miles, and at first it was kind of eerie, but then, soothing.

It was a drab morning. Foggy, but comfortable, high 40's. I took some pics. Yay!

On Shore Road, looking back in the direction of Oyster Bay

Looking toward Bayville - very foggy.

Changed the route of the run (of course).. went into Oyster Bay Park. I had my contacts on so I was squinting trying to see the pic.

Oops. Glad I was sans boogers.

14 miles

This route was interesting. I had originally wanted to just run Shore Road back and forth a few times for 12 miles (2 miles in one direction), but there was still so much sand, rocks, twigs, cables, machinery and barriers on the road - combined with the overcast sky, it was really kind of depressing. And GREY. So, I ran into Bayville, part of the route of my very first 5k, and then decided to venture into Oyster Bay Park, where part of the Turkey Trot was run.

Ha. I still can't believe I ran 14 miles. Booyah.

Magellan Data

Runmeter Data (Truncated)


  1. YAY for you! That is so friggin' awesome. Before you know it, that'll be your regular weekend distance.

  2. Even with the fog that mush have been a beautiful run. I did the park series run in Heckscher and it was foggy to the point of being a bit creepy. I do sometimes like running in the fog because it makes everything seem so quiet and you feel very alone.

  3. I agree with you, especially in the beginning.. the fog was really so deep, that I could not see 50 feet over the water in the Bay. Less to distract me!


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