Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The procrastinating pacer gets the... garbage trucks.

Today's weather is supposed to be in the upper 40's.  That's a perfect winter running day, IMO.  This morning at 7am however, it was 31. I felt slightly deflated. I thought I'd wait until 7:30 to see if it would rise above freezing. It was only 31.5. Hmm. Well, let me give it another 20 minutes. By 7:55 at 32 degrees I realized that was it, I won't be running in my optimal temperature conditions this morning. But I was feeling a bit defiant because of it. I dressed in my lighter insulated tights, 2 tech shirts, gloves, gator and cap. I left my jacket on the door. Let's see how cold I get. 
The wind was light. It wasn't so bad. I had put my gloves on the radiator while I was getting dressed, so my warmed hands helped cut out a lot of the first chill. 

I think I'm going to hold off on miCoach for awhile. I think I run more relaxed without it. It would be a better choice for speed work.

I set Runmeter to tell me when I was leaving my 'middle' pace zone of 9:00- 9:30. I wanted to run 4 miles today at a moderate pace, considering the beating I gave myself on Saturday. I watched as my heart rate stayed mostly above 170. During my 10 miler on Saturday, while staying within 9:30-10:00, my heart rate stayed in the 150's-160's. That made for a much more pleasant run for me.

Halfway through this run, the traffic around my neighborhood became busier and busier, and, being a Tuesday - the garbage trucks were out. Or at least one was. And I ended up coming up behind it. Stinky.
But, because in my own mind I make myself out to be the swiftest of athletes.. I passed the truck and it's foul stench and continued on my way. I think I was more disappointed in all the rest of the traffic around town than a few seconds of stink. That'll teach me to wimp out because of the cold.

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  1. Try it! It'll put a smile on your face as you're starting out!

  2. Ooooh, love the gloves idea. I'd have to throw mine in the dryer.

  3. I applaud the break from miCoach. Every couple of months I go for a run without my Garmin and it is very freeing. My performance will likely be average without any feedback data, but it provides an opportunity to focus on the experience.

    I like the furnace idea as well!


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