Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stay strong.

With so much on my mind from the past week, and things weighing heavily just recently, AND coming off of that chest cold - I was surprised that I ran so well today. I understand now how some people say running really clears your mind. I concentrated on my form for short periods of time, but mostly my head felt empty. I felt like I was running through a tunnel. That my vision was focused somewhere between my eyes.  I had to take special care to watch my surroundings to stay safe. I was running away. I could have been running away from just about anything and everything. But when I got home - I felt lighter. I hope I sleep better than I have been. My last run was 6 days ago, and my pace has not suffered for it. I'm satisfied.

Today's run


  1. You weren't "running away", you were "running through". Congratulations! You've figured it out. You have arrived.

  2. I think you're correct! It felt more like running through it all, leaving it behind me in a wake.


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