Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Control.

Two days before the Oyster Bay Turkey Trot, my plan was to run two miles. The first mile slow, second mile fast. Yeah.. right.

 I set my Magellan to 1/4 mile recording, just to see how much my pace varies each mile. It was interesting to see that I started out at a 9:45 - but then I came up upon another woman running, and I tried not to watch her, because I didn't want to match my pace with hers. It ended up that she switched to the other side of the road, and I started to speed up to pass her, so I wouldn't be running along side of her and to avoid seeing her in my peripheral vision. Well, by the second half of the first mile my cadence picked up and I was running much faster than I wanted to. At the end of the first mile I had to walk, an indication to me I went too fast. I was running negative splits..which is good, -  but I'd like to know that I'm doing it at the time. I just have a terrible subjective feel of the whole thing.  I lost my discipline, my train of thought, while chastising myself for not sticking to the plan again.

Maybe I need a coach? Or better utilization of my watch? 
Here's the Magellan data, since it has more info than MMR.

I'm going to try visualization of the run for Thursday, picturing myself running negative splits again, coming in at or under 16 min at mile 2, and pulling it out at the end.

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