Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chest cold, be gone.

Although I'm feeling just a little bit better today, had the weather been dryer, or warmer, I probably still would not have run. My nights have been non-productive sleep wise. I wake up coughing, unable to breathe, and in the morning I've been tired and achy. What I should be doing is some strength training. What I'm actually doing right now is sitting on a line waiting to fill my car up with gas. I filled up before Sandy hit, and since I'm in a Mini Cooper, I haven't really burned a lot of fuel. I work about 7 minutes away, and driving around town all day to do home care 2 times a week has not really depleted my resources as I thought they might. The weekend is coming up, and I'd like to have the freedom to drive around and get some things done.
Some good news is that it's supposed to warm up considerably this weekend, and I'd really like to get out both days. Saturday, maybe a 10k, and a little longer on Sunday. Ultimately, that will all depend on how well I sleep the next few nights, and how my breathing and chest congestion feels overall.
Over and out.



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