Friday, November 2, 2012

Now for another try

I'm not sure what the coldest temperature was that I've run in.  It was about 59  on Wednesday. Today, the thermometer said 55 degrees when I headed out for yet another attempt at a 5 miler. I thought for sure I've run in that temperature before, and was comfortable. I went out in all my C9 gear - baseball cap, sports bra, long sleeve hip length med weight tech shirt, full length lycra pants, my compressions for my calves, and my larger glycerins. My mobi BT headphones kept my ears warm. I did not wear gloves, but the sleeves came down long enough to cover my knuckles, and they were anchored to my hands by thumb holes.

As I headed west leaving my house, I immediately felt an awkwardness in my stride and armswing.  My right arm was not swinging as easily as my left, and myleft ankle felt sloppy. I was having a hard time quieting my foot steps. I was slapping the pavement, more so on the left. Thinking I just needed to warm up, I kept going, trying to slow down, relax my shoulders, keeping my feet underneath me, feeling for 180spm.

The were some other runners out today, and quite a few couples;  bundled up in boots, warm coats and hats, walking arm in arm probably looking to see what progress had been made in the cleanup. I varied the route a bit, and I found I had a hard time concentrating on my form. Instead of feeling myself as a complete unit, I felt uncoordinated, and before I knew it, by mile 2.5 I started feeling strain in my ankles, especially in the front. My feet felt like boats, the extra length in the toes seems to feel exaggerated. My shins felt like they were vibrating with each step.  And again, I started to question just how much furtther I could go. I changed my route again, hoping it would distract me from being uncomfortable, and that worked well until mile 4, when I tossed in the towel, and walked the block back to the house.  I'm hoping for a short run tomorrow, and a longer, slower one of Sunday.  Hopefully the Bayville Turkey Trot is still on for next Saturday.

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