Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just do it?

Fractured thoughts. I feel rundown. It's getting cold outside. I haven't run in the cold before. Why am I so cold? I have a head cold. Thank the pharmacy gods for Advil Cold and Sinus.  I spent most of the morning looking at the thermometer and wondering how warm it would get. Wondering if the winds would die down a bit. Debating with myself if I should dress up and go out for a run. My nose is stuffed and running at the same time. What's that about? At least the sore throat I had yesterday is gone. I should stay in and rest. It's the responsible thing to do. umm... no. Running is the responsible thing to do. Or, I could lift some weights, do some leg work, maybe start the Tai Chi program I bought. (Tai Cheng from Beachbody). I really should run. But it's sooo cold and windy out there. (50 degrees, wind gusts 15 mph).

Getting tired of all the contrary thoughts that filled my head,  I decided to wait until the afternoon to make a decision. About 1:30, the winds died down, and the temperature went up to 55. I decided I would pile on the layers, and wear the gloves my sister left for me. I figured, once I got dressed, I had to leave the house.
 Newer, warmer leggings. Compressions, thicker cotton socks. A sports bra, short sleeve light weight tech shirt, my new C9 hip length jacket, my motorcycle neck warmer. I love wearing my tech cap and headphones to keep my head warm. I donned the electronics and stepped outside.
Wow. I felt cozy and protected. I can do this. I can do 5 miles today.
But again, I felt stiff in my ankles, feet and knees. Where is my hip rotation? And then, oh boy, I dressed just right. The sun felt good, yet in the shadows I still felt warm. My form has to improve.
And it did, but it took 4 miles before I started to feel comfortable with my stride. But I was so UNcomfortable and overheated. I'll be damned, I overdressed.
I thought I'd do a 10k - looked at my MMR app as I approached 6 miles, and I thought I'd have another PR. That is, if a 10k is 6.1 miles. Not.
I stopped too early! MMR said I did 6.13 in 55:14. The Magellan put me at 6.22 in 55:52. I did have a hard time stopping the Magellan - it kept pausing instead of stopping and saving, so that's where the extra time came from. I'd rather use the MMR information - just to keep things on the level. My last 10k was 56:14. Based on both data sources for today, I'd say I came pretty close to a PR. Overdressed, and with a head cold.

Today's Run

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  1. Dressing too warm is really an issue. Try underdressing next time, especially if the temperature is 40 degrees or higher. Your body really does a great job of regulating itself.


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