Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can things get any worse?

I didn't run yesterday as I'm still feeling run down from this cold, which made it's way back into my throat and into my chest.  I'm feeling better today, but still very tired. At this point in time I'm looking to purchase a treadmill, because I get the sense that I will be doing MUCH less running outside now that the colder weather is here.  If it were like the winter we had last year, things would be dandy - but Hurricane Sandy and now Nor'easter Athena have just about dashed any hope I had that we might have another mild winter.

So, as my sneezing continues, I'm browsing the ProForm, Sole, and Nordic Track sites. When the gas crisis eases up a bit, I'll take a ride out to Sears and get on a few models, and see how they feel, and if I'm still employed (don't ask) I shall make a decision and then happily keep up with my training. There is about 2 inches  4 inches of snow on the ground now, but I heard that the weekend is supposed to be in the upper 50's, so hopefully I'll get at least one long run in. Maybe even some speed work.

Oh, and because of Sandy, the Bayville 5k Turkey Trot has been cancelled, as well as the Long Beach 10k. I'm still holding out hope for the Seaford Hot Chocolate 5k in December - another sea shore town on the south shore. Ha. Say that 5 times fast.


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