Thursday, November 15, 2012

I can fly in the cold!

I went for it. 37 degree temperature, barely a breeze, blue sky. Why not give it a try? If it's too cold, I thought, I'll just come home.

Long C9's, compressions, sports bra, long sleeve high collar shirt, grey C9 jacket, gloves, motorcycle gator pulled up over my head.

My face, nose, lips, and fingers were cold. By the end of the first mile, my hands were fine. I had pulled up the gator over my mouth because  the air I was pulling in was chilling my chest a bit. As soon as I warmed up again, I tucked it away and I was fine. 

I felt I was alternating my speed, starting out fast again, took it steady up the inclines, and slowed down a bit on the declines. All I had was a cup of coffee this morning, so I did not fuel properly. The main reason for this run was just to test out the temperature.  I came in under a nine minute mile, so that was icing on the cake! I started walking back  to the house, and I felt like I still wanted to go, so I just ran up and down my block doing a quarter mile of fartleks. I really should have a more solid training plan.

I forgot to charge my phone last night, so I lost my MapMyRun data. I've got the Magellan data instead.

Today's Run

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  1. Good thing you aren't in Minnesota. That is my kind of day!!

    You are getting colder! LOL!


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