Saturday, November 17, 2012


I had a lousy night's sleep last night, and I had to be at work at 7:30 am this morning. Thank goodness for Erin, the young woman who is trained as an art therapist, but makes one hell of a PT aide. She keeps the place humming while I do my thing.

So, I got home around 12:20 after picking up a 20# turkey at a local Stop&Shop. I had a bite to eat, and noticed at about 2:00 that it probably wasn't going to get any warmer than 54 degrees. I put my long c9 pants and compressions on, and just my neon pink long sleeve tech shirt with my gator, and a headband. One day I'll remember to take a picture so I don't have to type out what I wore.

I got stuck in the driveway with my magellan trying to find my foot pod and a satellite signal. My phone with MapMyRun had a signal immediately, but something was not right with the watch. I started jogging in place trying to warm up, and trying to stay in the sun - because I found I was cooling off very quickly. I finally decided to turn the watch off and on again, and that seemed to do the trick. Off I went on my usual route.

About mile 2, I realized I was not recording my heart rate, and I had no info about my cadence. It must be time to replace the batteries already.

The run was pretty much unremarkable. I was practicing turning off the negative thoughts in my head. I think I got it down. I switch my thinking to concentrate on improving my form - and for a short while I forget that I'm fatiguing, or ready to give up.

I took some extra turns on the route, trying to change the scenery, and   accumulate some extra mileage before having to do the circle around the neighborhood again. Too many stop signs. The extended route took me running down faster, main roads. I'll no doubt do it again.

As the miles ticked off, MMR was telling me I was coming in faster at the end of each mile than I previously remember. My memory sucks, though, so I'll have to do some research later. 2 miles at 17.59, 5k at 27:21, 4 miles at 35 minutes, 5 miles at 43 minutes. On a whim, I had told my magellan I wanted to do a 10k in 52 minutes. I knew by the way it was beeping during the run that I was not keeping pace, but when MMR told me I was 43 minutes at 5 miles, I got kinda happy. Too bad I was coming up to some inclines on the last mile. I was tired. But I also wanted to pull it all out. I did my best. I almost had it.

If I had run it like this in the morning, I could have come closer to that 52 minute goal. I do my best running in the morning, and the lack of sleep and then working just before the run did not make it happen for me. The good news is, I understand and accept that. So, it was a good run, regardless! 6.22 at 54:37, 8:47 pace.


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