Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post Sandy

 I am one of a handful of homes that still has power. I don't have television or my own internet , so thank goodness for my sister Theresa and her Verizon Mi-Fi as that's how I'm able to periodically connect.
I went into work to a building that also had no power. We were bundled up, and tried our best to stay warm while we treated a handful of patients. At 2:00 we closed up shop, and I headed home to my two sisters. One is still recovering from surgery, and the other is tending to her.  The caregiver sister had already went out for a 7 mile easy run, relaying to me all the damage in the neighborhood.  She had made some soup while I was at work, and forgetting that I wanted to go out for a run to attempt to make up for some lost time thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I had a bowl of it.  It was delicious and light, and although I was still chilled from being in building for 6 hours without heat - I started to feel warm again. I threw on my running gear. I put on my long lycra pants for the first time this season, my sports bra, and a long sleeved, high collar tech shirt. I did not put on my compression sleeves for my calves, nor my toe soxs, but I had on my new, larger sneaks. I started all my electronics and headed out for a 5 mile easy run. Too fast, of course.

I forgot is was Halloween. I was constantly crossing the streets left and right trying to avoid the swarms of children, fallen trees, hanging wires, and various road debris. It was challenging. And, I realized I was cold. I had no gloves. I felt my core remained chilled from work, and I wondered why running after a mile and a half already was not raising my internal temperature at all. To compound matters, the soup which I had enjoyed only 20 minutes ago was now making a re-appearnce at the base of my esophagus. Not comfortable at all. So, as usual, I was not going to see 5 miles today. I was not going to even go as far as a 5k. My cell phone told me I had about 15% of battery left, and I knew that if I wanted to save my work to the MapMyRun servers, I'd have to end my run and upload it at that point. I walked about 1/4 mile home.

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