Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Treadmill Run

With another treadmill run under my belt, I'm beginning to feel more confident that I can start to increase my speed. I ventured into the 7.0 range today, while keeping my incline at 1.0. I found that if I did not add the incline, I tended to be all over the treadbed..and I kept whacking one hand or the other on the console. I remember that when I used to walk on it, I would almost fall off the back of it if I wasn't careful!

I set it to 45 minutes at program #6 which was just an interval run of some sort. I needed to keep increasing the speed, because it was bringing me back down to a 4.0, which was basically a fast walk. I think I really need to seriously sit down with the manual and take notes. 

My friend told me she's putting her treadmill out to the curb on Saturday, and if I wanted it to come get it. I checked the manual on that one again, and it indeed can be set for any timed interval at any speed and inclination (plus it does declines up to 3%). This is exactly what I'm looking for.. but the bed is so short! (55 inches).  I think I have to pick it up, if I can find someone with a truck and 2 more strong friends. *sigh* Doubtful. If I can get it, it will have to go upstairs in a spare room for now.

My next 5k is getting close, I'll have one more run on Thursday morning, probably on the treadmill again. I'll try and do some negatives, as that's going to be my M.O. for this next race.

I'll be wearing my Sherry bib in support of safety for all runners.
Never forget!

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