Thursday, February 21, 2013

My intentions were good..

On the treadmill at 6:30 this morning. My intent was to run for an hour, or about 6 miles. I was feeling really good the first 30 minutes, using profile '15' again, starting at 4.5 and bumping it up to 5.5 myself, and letting it do it's thing - taking me to 7.0. I intentionally turned down the temperature in the house, but I worked up a terrible sweat anyway, making me really, really uncomfortable. Then making matters worse, I was chaffing under my left arm - WTF is that all about?
 I started fussing with the controls, trying to keep my heart rate lower while my cadence increased. That wasn't working. There seems to be a direct correlation with cadence and heart rate. Makes sense to me now.

The heart rate monitor kept crapping out. Perhaps it's time to change the battery again. God knows I was sweating enough to make a good connection. And again, the date and time was off on my data because I failed to let the watch make a connection to a GPS signal to set it. I'm pretty sure it should work for the next time.

I was sweating, chaffed, running with a faulty gadget, and my heart just wasn't in it. All I kept thinking about was a shower. I stopped at 45 minutes, quite tired and discouraged that I WAS tired.

I'm thinking about going down to Long Beach on Saturday and signing up for the Snowflake 4 miler - but it will be the first time I'm out on the road in what, about 3 weeks now? I was supposed to have run a 5k the day of the snow storm 2/9/2013. They postponed it to a date I can't make because I'm working. I really wanted to get a race in during February. But, 40 degrees in the rain? And along the ocean?  Hmmm.. still thinking about it.

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