Saturday, February 9, 2013

On embracing estrogen..

I planned for a long treadmill run today, and it worked out just fine.
Today's feature presentation for said run was "French Kiss" with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. 

After owning it for many years and watching it countless times, it still makes me smile. 

I played around with 0 to 1 inclination, and 5 to 6.8 speed. I kept my heart rate mostly under 160, although toward the end it was up in the low 170s. My average heart rate according to Magellan was 154, with a pace calculated using the cadence pod - 9:49 min/mi. I'm pretty happy with that. I would like to complete 10 miles in an hour 30, so I can potentially run a half marathon in under 2 hrs. I think I'm getting there. I just hope that the treadmill isn't giving me false hope. I really need to run Bethpage again to make sure.

I'm hoping I can find and run my first half marathon in the fall. I'm signed up for a 10k in May, and I'll probably run Cow Harbor (a particularly challenging 10k) again this year. 

Just found the Diva's Half Marathon in October. Sounds like a plan. (But $75 dollars?) If the route is the same as last year, it's fairly nondescript, but it will do. And all those gabby women. Sheesh.  Wait. I should not be so judgmental. Perhaps I'll dress up this time and even accept the boa and glass of champagne that I declined last year at the finish line of the 5k. I can be such a wet blanket at times. I think this year I will embrace the estrogen laced festivities. God knows my estrogen levels dried up a few years back. Maybe I can increase my levels through osmosis or something. Hey, you never know.

Magellan Data


  1. That is one of my favorite movies!! I think I will have to use that on my next long treadmill run!!!

    I did the diva half last year and will do it again this year but the course was BORING....I will not lie. The only reason I chose to do it again is because it kicked my ass last year as my first half and I want to kick it back :)

    I think I have to miss Cow Harbor this year and I am bummed it is one of my favorites but I think it is going to be the same weekend as the RnR Philly half :( Have you ever done the Dirty Sock 10k? Super fun!

  2. I love Meg Ryan movies! Esp with Tom Hanks. Maybe I'll watch "You've Got Mail" next long run!
    Someone else told me that Diva 1/2 route was boring too..Kick that race's ass, I say!

    I've never done the Dirty Sock! I'll have to look it up - thanks, Gigi!


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