Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catching up...

February 17th Treadmill Run
I get a few migraines a year. The cool thing about it, and the ONLY cool thing about it is that funky little visual aura I get about 20 minutes before the headache strikes. It starts out in the upper quadrant of my vision, either eye, and then makes it's way directly through the center of my vision, and slides on down to the opposite quadrant below. Then comes the headache. If I have access to some Advil, the sooner I take it on the first glimmer of light, the better off I am. 

An artist's rendition (the closest to mine I could find)

 On Sunday, I thought I saw that warning fractal shimmering about 22 minutes into my treadmill run. I was watching "You've got Mail". I closed my eyes for the BRIEFEST of seconds to darken my vision to see if, indeed, a migraine was coming on.. and BOOM. I rolled right off the treadmill. Yup. On my knees, caught between the 8 inch space between the door behind me and the end of the machine. Ouch. The good news,  I don't know what I saw, but it wasn't my funky little aura. The bad news, I banged myself up fairly well. I skinned both knees, and bruised the inside of my right shin/calf. I had the Treadmill CAM on, so I don't know if anyone was witness to it. If they were, no one has said anything. What a show.

Ouch. I'm too old for skinned knees..

I got right back to running, but after about 40 more minutes, I started feeling really sore. I was sweating in my contusions, (burn, baby burn) and my shin was really starting to hurt.   
The date is off on the data of this run, as I updated the firmware again and I forgot to check the time and date before I used it. But I got to about 6 miles out of the 10 or 12 that I had wanted to do. I managed to squeeze in a 45 minute upper body lifting workout that evening.
Magellan Data

February 19th Treadmill Run
This was my usual morning for running, and although I was still sore, I jumped back into the saddle, so to speak. I did an acceptable 4 miles, at an easy pace of 9:24. The room was very warm at around 70 degrees, and the 'mill fan and the standing fan were not cutting it for me. The treadmill was changing inclines and speed all on it's own. It's possessed, I tell ya. I didn't change the activity on the watch from when I was lifting weights and calculating calories burned, so the splits are weird.
Magellan Data

February 20th Treadmill Run
I was really itching to get outside today after work, but it was SOO cold and SOOO windy. I got back on the treadmill today after work, before dinner. I was tired and hungry, but I wanted to do SOMETHING to make up for the fact that I couldn't get outside. It didn't last very long. I set it to profile '15' for 45 minutes, and turned on the food network (bad idea when you're hungry). Since the treadmill has turned into a sentient being since I started using it, it started out at an incline of one, and a speed of 4.5. I went to 5, then it took me to 5.5, 6.0, 6.2, 6.8, 7.0 and 7.2. Whereas on the "You've Got Mail" run it was clocking 5 minute intervals and taking itself up to an incline of 2, this time, profile '15' was staying at incline 1, with 2:00 intervals. I don't get it. Except that perhaps changing the duration of the run has something to do with it.  Plus, I've since found out that I can only set it for 99 minutes. Pfft. Well, I quit after 2 miles. I had reset my watch incorrectly.  I wasn't seeing my heart rate, and I wasn't seeing my pace. I was hungry, and I guess I was looking for reasons to quit. And quit I did. But at least I got to run up to 7.2 for a bit, and it wasn't even a scheduled run day.
Magellan Data


  1. Good to hear the fall didn't stop you from finishing your run! Ouchy!!

  2. Yeah, so glad I didn't twist my ankle or break a hip or something. Thanks, Stacey!


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