Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sleep deprived Treadmill Run

Continuing on the treadmill this morning, I forgot that I was going to do negatives. I played around with the settings while I was running..(which I don't recommend) - found the '5k' program, and finished up with that.  It takes me a hella long time to run 3 miles on the 'mill. I feel like I'm dragging ass. My times are close to 35 minutes! What's up with that? I realize I'm going to have to keep it up and over 7.0 with a 1.0 incline to get closer to a < 9:00 training pace. I need to leave it on an incline to make up for the fact that the tread is speeding under me. If I leave it level, there is no resistance at all. I feel like the road runner with my legs spinning frenetically beneath me. 

I need to feel that I'm working! The pace on the treadmill is about 20 seconds per mile slower than what the Magellan is telling me based on my cadence. Which device do I believe?

Spending more time above 6.5 today made my Magellan numbers look a little better. Because of birthday festivities last night with my daughter, (I'm still in the 50-54 age bracket, if I can earn a couple more 1st in AG I'll be thrilled)  I only got 5 hrs of sleep last night. 

Consequently, I wasn't pleased with the fact that I was feeling beat within the first 10 minutes.

The impending storm has forced the postponement of my Bethpage Restoration Village 5k on Saturday. Now, it's a mad dash to try and get someone to work for me on March 30, the new date. I may need to find another February race.

That's all I can think to report right now. Now that my Saturday is free  I guess I'll try a long run on the treadmill and forget about the differences in pace between devices. But I'd feel so much better if I could run the road.

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