Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treadmill and Lifting

The treadmill run this morning was uneventful, except for the heat. The fan on the unit doesn't work well, and the fan that I brought up from the basement isn't cutting it either. I set the treadmill for 45 minutes, and only completed 30. It had gotten too warm in the workout room, and I was STARVING for some reason. I'll have to turn down the heat perhaps before I start running in the morning.

I ran without an incline. I got used to it - it wasn't so bad. I started at 5, and varied back and forth between 6 and 6.8 depending on how my heart rate was running. As I get more comfortable on the machine, I'll attempt to spend more time in the 7's.  Magellan said that I stayed pretty close to under a 9:00 pace for most of the run, which makes me ever so happy. However, when calculating my average pace for the run, it told me 9:28. There was a firmware update the day before, and I'm wondering if there is a new bug in the watch now. When I sent the numbers to DailyMile, it told me I ran a 9:40 average pace.  Weird. 

I also found time to do an upper body workout this evening. I can't wait to be sore tomorrow. I love that feeling.

Magellan Data

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