Saturday, March 16, 2013 run, or not to run..

I've been feeling just a small tad under the weather.. I had lost some precious sleep over the course of a few nights, and the wide swings of weather changes have chilled me to the bone. I didn't get out of bed until 6:45 this morning - I felt like I had slept the morning away!

Still, I couldn't get warm despite putting an extra couple of layers on, including my smart wool socks in addition to my slippers. I had an appointment at 2:00 this afternoon which I knew would take a few hours, and my sister was running a 7k at 10:00ET that I knew I wanted to follow and cheer her on via Runmeter. So, does that leave any time for me to run? Yes, of course - I'd just have to save my long run for Sunday. I could do at least 30 minutes sometime between after my sister blazed across the the Minnesotan finish line, and my appointment at 2:00. But I really didn't feel like running.. I'm sooo cold..

The weather for my long run tomorrow was looking kinda iffy, so I kept reasoning that if I didn't do SOMETHING today, I would be relegated to the treadmill tomorrow, and that was simply unacceptable. I partially started running-gear-dressing while my sister was making her way toward the finish of the GetLucky7k.  My LaCrosse digital readout said it was 43 degrees, but when I stepped out side, it felt 10 degrees colder. Boy, my head was really playing games with me. I knew that all I had to do, however, was get my gadgets, cap and gloves on, and there was no turning back.


As soon as I start off down the road, I was happy. I wish I could bottle the feeling, so I need not argue with myself anymore about getting out the door. I could just pop the top with the bottle opener I recently affixed to my kitchen wall, take a sip, and not ever question the run.

The run itself was uneventful - only to say that I MADE SURE that the Magellan acquired a GPS signal before I hit the 'activity' button, and it looks like things are right again with my world of gadgets. It must have been human error all along.

And I'm glad I didn't wait to run that short, 27 minute run, because if the weather keeps up like it's been doing for the last 3 hours, I may never get to my long slow run tomorrow.

                                       snow and rain..

Runmeter Data

Magellan Data


  1. I know exactly what you mean--often getting out the door is the worst part! I've found that unless I'm full-blown sick (as in call in sick for work sick), running makes me feel better.

  2. I read somewhere that you really never hear anyone say, "I shouldn't have gone out for that run..". :)


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