Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cedar Creek 5 Mile Recap

I believe this is the first Cedar Creek 5 mile event for the RunNassau series.
Oh boy, was it WINDY!! According to, it seems it was blowing from WNW at about 24 mph. And I mean sustained winds! But it also felt like it was blowing from every direction. Just when I thought the wind would be to my back as I would make a turn on the course, it would whip around in a different direction and cause me to slow down or adjust my balance to stay running in a straight line. I actually used people to block the wind on some occasions, so I apologize to anyone reading this if I was following you too closely!

Of course I would have had a faster time if not for the wind. 
The course had a few hills, some different road surfaces, and great course guides that reminded us to smile, keep going and that we were all doing great!

I did not take any pictures, and I forgot to look for photographers again so I could smile and at least look like I was enjoying myself. (which I really do, especially at the end!)

There were some trailers set up that I don't believe were race related. They had large generators running adjacent to part of the course. It was unpleasant having to breathe that in going past. I'm sure it would have been worse had the wind not been blowing so hard.

I decided to run in my new CW-X compression capris. I had inquired about compression capris in the GLIRC Facebook Group, and this was one of the suggestions. I also purchased an Under Armour capri, but  I'm not crazy about the way it was made. I'll probably send it back.  The first time I ran in the CW-X, I was having some adductor/groin pain on my left side. But, I was also running in new shoes. One thing I've learned in my time building and trouble shooting computers in my old life - NEVER change more than one variable at a time. I know this. But more often than not I'm so in a rush to experience things, that I don't heed that advice like I should.

I decided it would be better to run in the capris instead of the new shoes for this race. Well, I absolutely love them. Nothing jiggles, there is no vibration, I had no pain or fatigue in my legs. The variation in the way these capris are made is similar to the way one would kinesio tape an athlete to prevent injury or to support the knee or hip. Apparently they have different types of products for different types of support.

I'll next have to try again running in the new shoes I bought, and see if I get that groin pain and soreness under the balls of my feet again. I'll comment on them at that time.

Cedar Creek 5 Mile
Time : 43:47
Pace : 8:45
4th out of 23 in my age group
92/273 overall

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