Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dora the Explorer wearing a backpack made of lead. exactly how I felt for this afternoon's run.

After a long workday Friday, and working again this morning, I was really itching to get some miles in. My last run was some speed work at a local track, and aside from an increased heart rate for awhile, I felt really good. Two days off from running later, I was excited to get outside for 10 miles. I had a goal. I wanted to try to do it in an hour 30.

Well, things didn't go as planned. First, I got lost trying to get to Bethpage. What the hell? I must have been daydreaming, or really tired, and took a wrong turn, ending up god knows where.  I remembered I had my cell phone and WAZE installed, so after 15 minutes of following directions, I finally got to where I needed to be. 

 I parked, and decided to explore the north trail this time. There were so many people out today, it was fun and frenetic at the same time. The scenery was different. I think there were a lot more hills, although it could have just seemed that way.

Now I know I said it was 'fun' - but I'd like to know who put that lead backpack on me and filled my calves with concrete?  

Thankyouverymuch. Not.

What a bitch of a time I had. Although my cadence was 90 most of the time, my hips did not want anything to do with running this afternoon. I silently pleaded, yelled, bribed, humored, cajoled - my body was not getting out of it's own way.

Could the error have been that I only had a cup of coffee and a buttered bagel before work, and then some toast with peanut butter before I left for the run? Possibly. By mile 2.5 my stomach was growling from hunger. Right before mile 3 I stopped for some water. I was ok after that. 
There were plenty of declinations where I was able to relax and pick up my pace a little bit, but then as soon as I got back on level ground, I could not find my lean. My calves felt so tight, especially right above the Achilles. My heart rate stayed easily below 170, because I could not accelerate. At all.

And WHAT is with the wind these days? Let it stay over the water so the sailboats can have a good time.

I know 10 miles in 90 minutes is within my reach right now. But today was not the day. I'm a little deflated, but I remember a lousy run I had just last week, and then I pulled a great run out of myself right after that. 

Could I have knocked myself for a loop because of those 2 speedy days back to back? I don't recall stretching afterwards. Nor did I cross train this week. What about running later in the afternoon, right after work? If the answer isn't obvious, I doubt that I should be spinning my wheels about it. Too many variables.
Run and Learn!

I don't think I'll do the north trail again, unless I'm looking to add miles after my southern run. There were too many traffic-busy roads to cross to stay on the trail. At least going south, most of the crossings are entries onto/off the highways. (To be fair, it was also a different time of the day that I was running, on the first glorious day since the start of Spring, and on a holiday weekend, as well) 

I did spend about 10 minutes stretching after this afternoon's run. My calves thanked me. I needed to do that for the 30 minute ride home. 

No gentleman stalker today. I think I miss him. Just a little.

Sorry to the people standing in line at Chipotle. I did not mean to infuse B.O. into the delightful burrito-aromatic atmosphere.

Some good news is that I don't have to work a Saturday again until the end of June. Switching with people and having to work 3 cold Saturdays in February will pay off handsomely now.

Sorry, no pictures, even though the sky was blue with plenty of autumn-like clouds and strong, warm winds. 60 degrees was the temp du jour. If I were Klingon, I'd have to agree:

It was the perfect day to go down in flames.

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  1. I know you're right. Feeling better about it today. I love you toooo!

  2. Bethpage is no picnic. I love the north trails because they are new and I got a little tired of the trail that starts off the parking lot. Now I usually do a combo of the two. I start going south for about two miles and come back up to scale the big hill while I'm still fairly fresh. Then I run the northern path for a mile or two. The street crossings are not ideal and it's a rolling route, but the hills are shorter than the two biggies in the first 1.25 miles on the southern side.

    Perhaps it's time to take a day or two off. It's often the best way to build conditioning.

  3. Hey, a run is a run. At least you did it. They can't all be great! :)


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