Thursday, March 14, 2013

A not-so-easy, breezy run.

It was too cold and windy for me this morning to go out on my usual run, and the treadmill was not appealing at all. I did some core work, and then headed out for some home care visits.
By 3:00 it was looking simply gorgeous, even though the wind was still whipping around. I thought it might be warm enough, in spite of the wind, to just get out for a little 'easy' run. 

It was loverly. Really. As long as I wasn't running into the wind. In the shade. Otherwise, I was dressed appropriately, and it was enjoyable.
I thought I might do some negatives, but I started out too fast again. At the mile and a half mark, I slowed down, and continued to work on my breathing. (that rhythmic breathing is working out just fine, and I think it's keeping my heart rate lower, too)

Because I started out too fast, and the winds were really making it more difficult, I decided to stop at 3 miles instead of finishing the 4 mile negative run I had programmed in Runmeter. Plus, the Magellan was giving me a hard time again at the start of the run, and if you want to see something amusing, you can take a look at the results. 
So wacky. It had me starting at 6:07 pm and finishing at 5:49 pm, on the same day. I'm sure it has something to do with not fixing on a satellite correctly. If it doesn't start working again soon, I'll have to give tech support a call. Runmeter was the champ again today.

Magellan Data

Runmeter Data

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