Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nickerson 4 Miler Recap

Drama, drama! 
I got very little sleep last night, but that's ok! I did better than I thought I would today at the Nickerson Beach 4 Miler. It was 29 degrees when I left the house in fog, but 42 degrees with a stiff east wind by the time the gun went off. I started both gadgets about 10 seconds or so after the gun, I was waiting to step over a mat at the start line which I must have missed, or it wasn't there. I never remember what the correct method of timing myself against the race clock is.

Anyway, brr. It was cold, we started with a headwind, and finished with one. I had missed the start of a confrontation between a woman driving an SUV and a cop, it looked like she was trying to cut the line of runners. Before I even knew there was a problem, a guy behind me was saying, 'oh my god'.. 'oh shit'.. 'really?'. He had headphones on, so I just thought he was on the phone. It wasn't until I got closer (he was 2 times my height) that I realized and HEARD what was happening. She was all up in that cop's face. Oh yes, and screaming obscenities as well. We had to squeeze a bit between her pulled over vehicle, but I could not wait to get out of there fast enough. Very uncomfortable to hear all that.
Then, on the way back, a cop was standing next to a woman who said, "I just can't believe that I fell!".. she was wiping her nose, almost as if she had fallen on it, but she seemed coherent and ok. As I passed her I saw the emergency vehicle headed toward her. I can understand how she might have fallen. There was a lot of sand on the roads, especially in the residential area we ran. I did a lot of hopping back and forth - there were some puddles from melting snow, also.

I tried my new breathing technique, and I would say I was successful about 30% of the time.   I seemed to have spent quite a lot of time running by myself this race. I felt there was a pack of people in front of me, and of course, whatever was left behind me. I was unaware of keeping pace with anyone, or having anyone tailing close to me. It struck me as strange, I don't know why. This race seemed to go very fast, I guess because I was concentrating so hard on my breathing. I had to walk about 30 seconds again as we got back onto beach property, (against that headwind) and I have to say the last stretch right before the turn to finish was a killer for me. It took us closest to the water, and into the headwind again! 

I hope I can start to train with tempo and tempo intervals. I think that's what I'm going to need to keep me running well for the 5 miler I have coming up next. I was feeling sick to my stomach at about 3.75 - I think I had too much to eat before I went out. I had added banana to my peanut butter sandwich. Yes, sandwich. I doubled the amount this morning. Don't they say never to try anything different before a race? Barf.

I also see that I did not keep up with my 180 cadence. That was probably because I was counting so much to get my breathing right with my foot fall. Ugh. Had I kept it at 180, (which I usually do) I might have taken another walk break, but I could have come in faster. Run and learn.

Now, for some pretty pictures. 

We did not run here..

Looking back at the finish line

On the car ride home

35:12 time
8:48 pace
6/23 age group
104 /292 overall


  1. Wow on the drama! And 4 miles. That seems like such an odd distance (usually 3.1 or 5!).
    But it looks to me like you had a pretty great run!!

  2. Thanks, Stacy! I didn't PR, but I did enjoy getting out there and completing it! This is my second 4 miler this year - I guess it's becoming more common?

  3. Congratulations on your race and pace. People get so resentful of races and blame the police for everything. I've seen that behavior many times at races over the years.

  4. Wow. I had no idea. I live on the main route for a motorcycle run every year around Christmas time. Hundreds of motorcycles pass in front of my house and we are 'held prisoner' for a couple hours. I never minded it. It's entertaining to watch, and it is for a good cause. Everyone has a different perception, I suppose.

  5. Part of the town of North Hempstead so if you have a leisure pass you pay the discounted rate. I wouldn't come here if you do not have a leisure pass. Its pretty expensive with a large group of friends and family. The beach area itself is very nice. There is a snack stand. They have a pool, a basketball court and a skate park. Also a jungle gym for kids. You can rent these cabanas which contain picnic tables, chairs, and I think a grill....or maybe you have to bring your own grill.
    nickerson beach


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