Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My First Attempt at Speed Work

Running around a track, 400m.
McMillan says I should be able to do it between 1:52-2:00.
OMG - how does he KNOW that?
I would start out like a shot (and I don't think I should be doing it that way) then tucker out half way round. By the 3rd or fourth time, with ample rest between each 400m run, (and crazy ass winds again, btw.. what's up with that? ) I was making it all the way around without stopping, just slowing down a bit at the end. 
And I was coming in between 1:52 and 1:56! (the greater than 2:00's I was having a problem telling Runmeter to stop at the end) Holy crap! I love speedwork! And I really love the fact that they know what I can do!

I think I'm definitely going to invest in their 1/2 marathon training plan.
Meanwhile, I can't wait to get out there again, without all the wind slowing me down around the last turn.

I did over 3 miles of speed and easy pace. This is just some of the stuff I tried to save. Otherwise, the rest was lost in the ether.

Magellan just kinda threw up all over my wrist. He had no idea what I was doing. It kept pausing while I was walking a few times, and - oh, the results were a mess.


  1. Awesome! You will see a marked difference in your races!!

  2. Sweet! I have no tracks here that aren't snow covered. But I'm patiently waiting to use the one at the girls' school. That is frickin' cool, sister!

  3. Thanks, A.S.E... I sure do hope so!
    Theresa, let's try some track when I get there - if it fits in to your training plan, that is..

  4. Great job on the track. I'm not a fan of speed work but, as ASE says, it will help your race performance. I'd be careful about doing it the day after a 5K tempo run though. Generally, you'll want to alternate fast and easy days for proper recovery.

    1. and, ER.. it seems you are right. My run this afternoon bombed big time. Between what I did Tuesday and Wednesday, and then working long hours and eating poorly, I set myself up for failure. My EASY run was NOT easy today because of it.
      Live and learn! Thank you~


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