Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yay is for Yasso!

54°, NW 10, 71% H,  UV 0,  Dp 45

Breathe Right strip. (Secret weapon.)
I went to the track and did a 3 mile warm-up @ 70 % max. It was pretty solid. At about a mile and a half my heart rate monitor shot up to 190 bmp. Ooops. Hardware error. I don't know what that was all about, but it had only happened that one time. It might have skewed things a bit, but I think it was only over the course of 50 or so yards before it fixed itself.

Date   Miles       Avg HR     Avg Pace       Time               Avg Cadence
8/24   3             144            12:49         00:38:45         no magellan
8/29   3             145            11:30         00:38:01         no magellan
9/12   3             146            11:04         00:35:00              88
9/14   3             142            11:17         00:34:13              90

I took out the 5 milers and the 3 milers that had mixed rates. Although I have no stats for cadence for the first 2 of the 3 milers, I was able to increase my cadence this last time around from the previous. 

So even though with the hardware glitch that caused logging my HR from 170-190 for a small time, average heart rate was still the lowest yet. And I have to give credit to the cool morning. What a pleasure. It felt like I could have run forever.

Then I decided to do Yasso 800's. This was my first attempt at these. Oooh boy. I had forgotten if I was supposed to run them at race pace or just fast enough to be moderately spent at the end, but the first one was EXHAUSTING.  I was able to crank out 3 for another 1.5 miles of speed work, and another half mile of recovery jogs.

                           Fastest  Max  Avg
          Time   Pace   Pace   HR    HR
Lap 1   4:02  7:36   6:50  176   166   (I felt like I went all out  10/10)
Lap 2   4:13  7:59   7:25  177   170   (I deliberately slowed      6/10)
Lap 3   4:14  7:55   7:12  179   171   (feeling challenged          8/10) 

These were interspersed with jogging rests (not walking!) between 300-200 meters. I was supposed to have jogged 400 meters in between, but I'll remember that for next time. You can see the 'drift' as my average heart rate gets higher even though I'm running slower. 'Heart rate drift' is a real term and physiologic state that supposedly happens all the time. 
Interesting to see it happen to me.

According to Bart Yasso, if I'm able to do 10 of these at around the same time for each one - that's the number I'll be able to run a marathon. So, lets just say I did ten of these babies with similar times. That would have me finish a marathon between  4:00-4:15. Not that I have any plans to do so in the near future. I'm trying to find out how or if this can be correlated for a half marathon. 
Does anyone know? 

I should have watched this before I decided to tackle these, but here it is from the man himself..
Bart Yasso

On tap for tomorrow is a 5 miler somewhere, I'd like to run it by pace, maybe at about 9:00-9:15. I'm shooting for a 10k race pace of 8:45. I don't know if keeping low nines is possible for me over 5 miles yet, but I'm willing to give it a try.

I hope everyone has great runs this weekend!


  1. Great idea to run the Yasso 800's. I may do some this morning. Nice job with your workout, you may have been even faster if you'd done 400 meter recovery segments.

    My HRM doesn't spike in the middle of runs, but it occasionally gives me disturbingly high readouts at the beginning of a run. It alarmed me the first time I saw it, but I looked it up online and saw that this is common. It's related to the device and not a physiological issue.

    1. I'm looking forward to hearing how you fared with them. It was a spectacular morning to run.


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