Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Change of shoes

47°, NNW 3,  79% H,  UV 0,  Dp 41

Tuesday morning was a great morning for a run.  I had to wear long sleeves. I switched from my Ravennas, which have about 260 miles on them, to my Glycerins, which only have 140. I happened to catch a glimpse of the bottoms of my Ravenna's and saw the wear on the shoes, and thought it was about time to stop being so lazy and rotate them. I wear a cadence pod - and although it's not a big deal at all to switch it from shoe to shoe, somehow I must think that the few seconds it will take is going to rob time from my run. Silly me.

My plan was to run by heart rate, but after the short, brisk walk I took to warm up, I just didn't feel like slowing my pace down. And, I only had 30 minutes to run, being that my first appt. was at 9 am. I wasn't feeling any ill effects from Cow Harbor - but I had taken 2 days off. The only issue I had after this morning's run was some tightness around my ankles, but I think that was because I switched shoes.

I have a very busy weekend coming up so I'm hoping to get a long easy run in on Sunday, as Saturday I'm working and then spending the afternoon with a friend and our dogs. I'll be taking my 'local' sister to a running store to get her first pair of proper running shoes for her birthday, as she just recently was able to run her first full mile!

I'm less concerned about the half marathon I'm running on the 5th since I decided to run by effort/heart rate and not time or pace. I'll probably be listening to some Runner Academy podcasts to keep me in 'training' mode, and not let my fight or flight race response kick in. That should be interesting to see how I deal with that.

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