Thursday, September 26, 2013

I may have crushed it.

62°,  NNW 6,   UV 0,  87% H,  Dp 59°

6.25 miles 56:59

Changed to a different neighborhood this morning for a change a pace, so to speak - it definitely makes things more interesting for me. I didn't go all the way through the Italian 'hood, but stayed more east. I had plans to do a 10k, and at 5 miles felt like stopping, but toughed it out mentally to stick with the plan. I didn't stick closely to the pacing splits, I was supposed to do negatives. Well, you know by now how that usually goes with me.

I'm hoping to do 10, slow, negative split miles on Sunday morning - even if I have to start at 11:30/mile and end at 9:30/mile. Then, maybe a track run for speed, and some local hills before my first half on Saturday the 5th.

I think that will do.

I also think I hit a PR for this distance today. At the Cedar Creek 5 mile race earlier this year I came in at 43:46. Another mile.2 at that pace would have put me in at 54:45. I've still got some conditioning to get back, but I believe I can get there. 

I thought this article was interesting, as there was a discussion at Emerging Runner about different ways to get faster. 

Have a great remainder of the week, and like they say at Runner Academy-
"go out and crush it!"


  1. Yep, you crushed it...awesome job! I'm sooooo jealous of your weather. It just stopped raining here but it's still in the low 90's and crazy humid.

    1. Oh, Flower, I feel for you. I remember trying to run in Florida in April this year. I kept hoping each morning the weather would be different, but it was just always brutal. You must FLY in the cooler weather...

  2. Very nicely done! Enjoy that gorgeous weather.

  3. We keep getting promises of cooler weather, and then the high temp reaches the mid-80's again (sigh) weather, where are you?

    Congrats on an awesome run, and PR - you nearly beat my 10K time, and mine was in a race!

    1. I'm on Long Island, Nick - and fall was always my favorite time of year. Now that I'm running, I REALLY love the season!
      You've been running a short time like I have.. your times can only improve too!

  4. I think you're on track for a very good half. Excellent run and most impressive pacing! I noticed that the last two miles of the Diva race follows the same route as the LI Half. Everybody has their own experience, and I've always found the last mile through Eisenhower to be endless!

    You will crush it, but make sure you have fun along the way.

    1. I've heard from quite a few people that it's a very boring race, but I'm most grateful that it's flat. I can listen to podcasts, or try my hand at different pacing - to make it a little more interesting. I have to resist the urge to pick a runner and try to overtake.
      I'm going to go to Bethpage or Wantagh to do my ten miler. Do you think it's too late to go that far 7 days before a half?


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