Thursday, September 12, 2013

I think I need to stick to one training plan..

Tuesday, Sept. 10th

69°,  W 6,  77% H,   UV 0,   DP 58
After being slightly disappointed with the way I felt after Sunday's 5k, I decided I would try to run a moderate pace without factoring in my heart rate. There is only 9 days until Cow Harbor, and I'm realizing I'm no where near ready to break my PR.  I'm trying to decide if I should really make this a goal - much like I decided on not 'racing' for my first half coming up in 4 weeks.

It's already been a few days, and I failed to jot down points I wanted to make about this morning's run. I do remember all the negative self talk going on in my head as I tried to run 'moderately'. I remember at the beginning of the year, that pace close to 8:30. It was closer to 10:00 this morning. The stress of the race on Sunday could have shocked my system enough that I just hadn't fully recovered for this type of pacing on Tuesday - but all day after the run I kept reminding myself that I needed patience.

Thursday, Sept 12th

73°,   SSW 5,  89% H,   UV 0,   DP 69
It just so happens I was recently talking to a fellow blogger about irregular heart rhythms, and how I've been without them for awhile, but by golly, they started up again as a minor annoyance. Not so bad that I was breathless, or that they kept me up at night (MAJOR PITA) - but just enough to remind me that something was up. My resting heart rate started rising the hours after the race on Sunday, and although I didn't have any rhythm problems until Tuesday afternoon, I knew the rise in my resting rate was a warning. Perhaps I wasn't ready to run that race that fast. Perhaps I was stressed from starting the new job. Perhaps I was DEHYDRATED. Hmm. Yesterday afternoon and evening I started drinking more water, and lo and behold, although still a little high for resting, the rhythm has returned to normal with very few irregular beats. That said, I decided to go back to heart rate running this morning, 3 miles at 70%. 
I did color outside the lines a little bit, but over all, it made me happy. And I felt good after the run- something I'm really started to get addicted to.  I bet when the cooler weather gets here, I'm going to feel even better!

Date   Miles       Avg HR     Avg Pace       Time
8/24   3             144            12:49         00:38:45
8/25   5             143            12:12         01:01:26
8/27   3             144            11:32         00:35:02  (mixed 65-80 %)
8/28   5             150            11:38         00:58:40
8/29   3             145            11:30         00:38:01
9/03   5             148            11:19         00:57:34  (mixed 65-80 %)
9/04   3             145            11:23         00:34:39  (mixed 65-80 %)
9/12   3             146            11:04         00:35:00

I didn't get above 165 this run, (which would be into the 85% MAX zone) and I was above 156 only for a total of about 4 minutes at various points of the run. This really isn't an exact science, and these numbers don't amount to much because:

 1. I'm not running the same route each time
 2. I'm clearly not staying within the appropriate zones I'm supposed        to.
 3. There is some walking involved in some runs and not in others
 4. Distances run are sometimes slightly over goal distance.

However, I can say that I felt pretty damn good the entire time. AND I decided to try my Brooks PureCadence again. Although my knees were a little tweaky for the first mile, everything evened out nicely and I ran well in those minimal shoes for the first time! My feet felt really light, like my turnover was quicker. A quick look at my foot pod values show evidence to the contrary, but my PERCEIVED turnover felt quicker. Like I had those little Mercury wings on the back of those shoes. And I think I'll settle for that. 

I was listening to another Runner Academy podcast which was quite fitting for what I've been struggling with lately. Sticking with running goals, over training, rest days, pre-competitive anxiety, and the relationship between psychology and exercise. Right up my ally. I love these podcasts from this guy, Matt Johnson. So informative, professional and technically well done.

I'm still deciding how I should run over the weekend. Do I run the CH route again? Do I do 8 miles and then some speed work? I'm thinking speed work, and THEN 8 miles. That might be the ticket. 
Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. With Cow Harbor coming up in 9 days, will this be your last speed work beforehand?

  2. Speed work or hill repeats. I wouldn't do 8 this close. Keep them below 6. Cow Harbor is a 10K, right?

    Are you taking magnesium glycinate yet? That will help with the irregular heartbeat.

  3. I wouldn't discount the effect of this brutally humid weather on your HR. Yesterday I was seeing my HR go above 80% of Max, running paces in the high 9's. I agree with ARC that you should keep distances no greater than 6 miles this weekend. If you run the CH course, I wouldn't do it at race pace.

    It's taper time. CH is almost here!

    1. Hmm.. I forgot about that. I was enjoying the run so much I guess I did not even notice.
      Ok. I think I'll do speed work at the track tomorrow, then run 6 miles at 70% on Sunday.
      Thank you!


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