Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another late day run.

After work, 5:30 pm
77°,   W 10 mph,   UV 0,    42% H,    DP 53 

1 M < 65%
1 M    80%
1 M < 65%

Date   Miles       Avg HR     Avg Pace       Time
8/24   3             144            12:49         00:38:45
8/25   5             143            12:12         01:01:26
8/27   3             144            11:32         00:35:02  (mixed 65-80 %)
8/28   5             150            11:38         00:58:40
8/29   3             145            11:30         00:38:01
9/03   5             148            11:19         00:57:34  (mixed 65-80 %)
9/04   3             145            11:23         00:34:39  (mixed 65-80 %)

I was dragging it the first 1.25. I kept telling myself, "You've been on your feet all day, go home and relax". But somehow I ignored the voice in my head and plowed through. I knew I wasn't keeping my heart rate where it was supposed to be. But I kept trying, kept slowing down, kept trying to increase my cadence while figuring how to keep my breath steady. The 80% mile went by so fast, and it was so nice to run quicker. The last mile at 65% I was dreading. I didn't do well at keeping it at or under 65%. It  was closer to my usual 70%. I had to walk around mile 2.5. But I was not tired anymore by the end, just beset with doubt. 
An 11:30 pace!?  I should be training faster! Should I really run Cow Harbor!? 

There is a 5k race on Sunday. It's closer to me. I'll skip the 5 mile race in Huntington. That seems like a better way to train.

I will try to do that intermediate plan on the road tomorrow morning, strides and all. I've got Runmeter letting me know when the 100m are up.
I will trust in the plan. The race on Sunday will provide me with an answer. Then 1 more day to register for CH before the price goes up to $40. 


  1. Have you talked to a cardiologist about your heart rate? You have been dedicated to running for a while now, so your HR should not be spiking so close to MAX on moderate workouts.

    Last night my sister-in-law, who was training for a triathlon three years ago, told me she was diagnosed with Ventricular premature complexes (VPCs). She said that, during workouts, her heart rate would rise to high levels disproportionate to effort.

    This is anecdotal info and probably not related to your experience, but it's always a good idea to check in a with a cardiologist.

    1. I haven't seen a cardiologist in a while. I was diagnosed in my 30's with what he called PVC's, premature ventricular contractions. I was put on beta blockers (several, as matter of fact, because I just didn't like the way I felt on them)for about a year, then got permission to come off of them. I treated myself with valerian tea (gross) and relaxation techniques. I now only get a cluster of symptoms every once in a while, if I drink too much alcohol, or too much salt. Maybe I should go for a checkup. Thanks, ER!


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