Saturday, August 31, 2013

Selden Hills Fail

Ha ha ha ha hah Ha ah Hahaha Selden Hills Ha hah hahaa hahaa! *Sigh*

Let me tell you something. Sea Cliff has a few choice hills. And the St. James hill of Cow Harbor is brutal in it's own right. But, Oh.My.God. The Hills of Selden are ridonculous. 

I'm pretty sure I'm at mile 2 here, and you can see the next hill in the foreground, cresting just past the street lamp on the left..only to see the second hill continuing up behind it. Yeah. Compare it to the graph below, if you wish.

I probably would have felt more accomplished (despite the fact that I obviously could not keep my heart rate under 70% of max for any significant amount of time) if I had not gotten LOST. I thought I reviewed the route well enough, even writing directions down - but there were some street signs that were missing, and between my delirium and realizing I did not bring enough fluid and that I was going to get dehydrated really fast because of the humidity.. the whole thing was a big fail. But an adventure, none the less.
I did a lot of walking, no doubt.

74°, 87 % humidity, SSW 9

Miles: 7.12

Average heart rate: 149 (not too bad considering I kept getting into the 170's AFTER cresting the hills..)

Time: 1:35:17
Average Pace: 13:23

I think I might try it again, running with the group that runs it regularly. Or not. I don't know. It took me about 45 minutes to get there and a little longer to get home because of traffic on the LIE. I'm not counting that I stopped for Chipotle. That's a lot of gasoline.

I think I'm going to wake up some fast twitch fibers tomorrow morning and run 3 miles without considering my HR. That's if my calves and quads are not too pissed off at me in 24 hours.

And congrats to my sis for attaining 2 PR's- for a 5k and 10k!
As she tells everybody, "You're a Rockstar!"


  1. Okay, I'll admit that running in Florida where it is pancake flat has made me afraid of even the tiniest of hills, but dear Lord, that hill is crazy big. Kudos to you! I would have probably laid in the street and waited for the impending paramedics, (which no doubt my friends would have already called).

    1. LOL, Flower..that's a great visual! I'll appreciate the hills in my neighborhood soo much more now. This morning was quite an experience..
      Thanks for posting!

  2. Those are serious climbs and the descents can be just as hard, after the fact. Pretty, though. And I like your positive attitude. Adventure is a big part of why I love running outdoors. I wouldn't consider this a fail. Just preparation for next time.

    1. Ah! Yes. I like that so much better. Knowing me, I'll do it again only so I can run the entire 'course' the way that the local club out there does. I just wish it wasn't so far away. Maybe one day a month would be just right..

  3. If I saw that course, I probably would have gotten back in my car and driven home. Calling a workout like that a fail is just wrong. 95 minutes of hard hills at any speed can only be considered a success.

    1. Well, I'm actually thinking - that I got lost is the fail- even with the instructions AND A FREAKIN' GPS IN MY HAND..
      the rising heart rate I can forgive myself for.

      I'll try it at least one more time! Maybe with a native to the area..

  4. Awesome hill and awesome photo.

    1. Thanks Mary! I've heard from the running club that runs those hills regularly that I didn't even get to the hard part yet!


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