Sunday, August 4, 2013

A short one, and an idea.

This morning I spent an hour on a stand up paddle board that I rented from the Waterfront Centre in Oyster Bay. A friend of mine was interested in doing it, and I was more than happy to try it. It was the most beautiful summer morning, and spending some time on the water could not be denied.

I found it came very easily to me after about 5 minutes. My friend had a harder time of it, but considering she turned 60 this year, I was filled with nothing but admiration for her efforts.

We hit Chipotle afterwards, so by the time I got home, I was a bit beat and feeling lazy and in need of a bit of a Star Trek fix.  I watched "Nemesis" - which I had no idea I hadn't seen before. My daughter bought me the original series movie BluRay box set for my birthday, and when Amazon emailed me and had the Generations 4 movie box set on sale for only 19 dollars, as they say, resistance was futile. I think Nemesis was very well done, perhaps the best out of the four. I still have a problem with the sound though - on all those movies. I have to raise the volume to hear the dialogue, and lower it for all the battle scenes. 

My initial intention was to food shop and cook for the week, but I also have tomorrow off with 2 appointments during the day, so I will try and make the best of my last day off for the summer and tackle everything.

I ran tonight! It became overcast and I saw the wind pick up a bit. I was feeling so lazy and unproductive, so I thought I should force myself up and out. It was 80 degrees when I started, and about 30 minutes later, it was 75 degrees. It drizzled ever so slightly, but the wind was gusty, just like a storm. I did not warm up with a walk, so I got winded quickly, and just gave up after 2 miles.

I will definitely get out again in the morning before my 11:15 appointment.

As I was sitting here gearing up to blog, I thought - "Gee.. I really suck at running in the evening. Why don't I practice doing that - even if it's only 2 miles after work?"
What a great idea, I think. I will get some additional miles in, and I will make sure they are super slow. It will be after work, and I will be in no shape to do any speed work anyway. Perhaps I will be able to get my heart rate lower.

I just re-read this prior to publishing, and it seems a little disjointed. Sorry. I'm not going to re-organize or correct it. My daughter just got home with food.  I'm going to have some pizza!


  1. I know what you mean about evening running. However, I've read more than once that people run faster later in the day. It's somehow related to different body temperature or muscle flexibility after a day's activities. I am a morning runner by preference, but I have been surprised by good performances during afternoon runs.

    SUP sounds like fun!

    1. Oh, it was fun..certainly not as aerobic as running, however!
      I'm going to try to do an evening run Friday or Saturday,depending on the weather.


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