Friday, August 2, 2013

Deconditioned, or uninspired? Then, redemption.

Thursday, Aug 1st
My motivation is at an all time low, it seems. It could be the result of just not feeling like myself physically. I'm tired, low on energy at times, and I feel distracted more often than not. Getting out Thursday morning took more effort than it really should have, but even though I struggled with keeping a rhythm during the run, I was in a happier state of mind when I got back home.

There was another huge ass spider web on the side path to my driveway, and I'm glad I looked up when I did. There was a spider the size of my palm hanging right in the middle of the web. By the time I got my phone set up to take the pic, he had scrambled into the hedge. I hoped that by me tearing the entire web down again, he would get the message and move on to build elsewhere.

The run was short, I stayed closer to home. I ran some fartleks, but they were not as strong as I had run them in the past. My quads were just a little sore after my shower, which pleased me - at least I woke them and tore them up a little. I wanted to get them to remember what's in store for them in the coming weeks.

Runmeter Data
Magellan Data

Friday, Aug 2nd
With only 2 more days off for the summer left for me, I went to bed last night knowing I wanted to do a long run this morning. The question was where to run it.
I love running by the water, but with the humidity still on the high side, and little shade along the Wantagh bike path - I opted for the shaded coolness of Bethpage Park. I'm glad I made that decision. Two fellow bloggers,  Emerging Runner (Peter) and 50 is the New 30 (Paul) had me consider humidity and I was reminded of the toll it took on me on one of my previous runs. 

I had brought only about 8 oz of water with electrolytes, some gel and a trial packet of Energybits that my sister had sent me. I had a half a P90X bar and about 6 oz of dark chocolate coconut water on the ride to the park. A glass of cold pressed iced coffee started my morning.

 I was so happy to be there. I walked 5 minutes down the big hill leading to the south trail. I started my RoadID app (very cool- read about it here), my Magellan, and Runmeter. Ah! Just like old times - surrounded by my electronic sentinals! The last time I ran here, I had to turn around and go home only about 1/4 of a mile from where I started today, because of my calf seizing up. I sent positive thoughts out to the universe of potentiality - my calf will be fine this run.

And so it was, until about 2 miles in. Nothing major, just some tightening. I opened my stride up behind me, and bent my knees more when landing, and bingo... that released it. I did not even have to stop to stretch. However, I did stop to walk many times today - that was the only way I knew I would be able to go 5 miles out and back. I kept the volume down real low from Runmeter, so that I could barely hear what my pace was. I don't know how that helped me, I found myself straining to hear it at times. I think it may have helped me think about other things and just run. I was expecting to keep it at 11:00 to 11:30 - but I was surprised to hear mid 10's for most of the run. I alternated between really concentrating on my form, to zenning out, to worrying about how my quads and right adductor were feeling, to a myriad of other things that at the time I thought were important to think about and ponder on, but now for the life of me I can't remember what they were.
 At mile 5 and the turnaround, I took half the packet of Energybits. It was easy to swallow those hard little bits of grassy seaweed pellets, and I waited for the increased energy to kick in. I'm still waiting. Maybe I should have taken the whole packet?

My heart rate was good today. Although it kept bopping into the low 170's, today I did not feel as winded. On the contrary, I felt good cardiovascularly - it was the tiredness in my legs and back that had me struggling. Usually, it's the other way around.
I'm happy with Runmeters declaration of a 10:36 average pace, despite all the walk breaks.

Well, this is my entry back into some serious training. I have not yet registered for the Cow Harbor 10k in September, but I already paid for the Diva half marathon in October, which will be my first half.
I wish it were the other way around.
It's daunting, for sure-  every time I think about it.

Runmeter Data
Magellan Data  - will not upload the splits for some reason, or highlight the route I took. I sent yet ANOTHER message to them.


  1. I'm very happy to see that you had a good running experience after Thursday's period of demotivation. Did you start your run at the Bethpage lot and run south towards Massapequa Preserve?

    Looks like really good progress yesterday. Cow Harbor will be great prep for the Diva.

    1. Yes.. I thought I would use the hill as a warm up and cool down instead of running it. It certainly helped knowing I didn't have to tackle that beast at the end!
      I had forgotten about the other hills on the trail, though - so I was able to work on small sections of inclines (with a walk at the top) to build some stamina.

  2. getting back to fitness

    how fast it went

    then can return

    with ups and downs



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