Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brief weekly report.

Tuesday morning, Aug 27th
 71°,  W 8 mph, 88 % humidity,  DP 68 

1 M < 65 % max - 137 bmp
1 M 80 % max    - 156 bmp
1 M < 65 % max   137 bmp 
The wind felt good, I felt like I could run forever. I refused to walk to bring my heart rate down when it got too high. It worked. I will need to remember the rates I set so I'm not left guessing during the run. I kept speeding up, slowing down, listening to Runmeter announce the changes. Toward the end of the run, I could not slow my HR down, however.

Wednesday afternoon, Aug 28th
77°, WSW 6mph,  77 % humidity ,  DP 70

5 M < 70 % max - 143 bmp
Boy, was it THICK outside after the rain. I was less afraid to run this workout after work because knew I would be running easy. I still had some difficulty, however. My achilles tendons were achy, probably from being on my feet all day. My legs felt heavy, and had a hard time getting my legs to swing easy. I could not keep my HR at or under 70% max.  Probably had to do with the humidity, plus the stress of the workday. There were lots of cars driving around, trying to get home after work. It seems patience for runners sharing the road with them at that time of the day is at an all time low. I ended up doing a fartlek or two, because, well, my heartrate was up there anyway. At the end, my overall average heart rate was 7 bpm over target rate. Major fail.

Thursday morning, Aug 29th
70°, E 7 mph, 90 %  humidity, DP 67

3 M < 70 % max  - 143 bmp
I'm a morning runner fershure! This morning I was better at keeping the correct heart rate. Although I must be feeling very good because my HR was creeping up and I was barely feeling it. I had no idea until Runmeter announced it. It was misting to barely a drizzle, and there were some nice, cool sustained gusts of wind which reminded me that autumn is on it's way. I've been running new and different portions of the neighborhood, and it made the run go that much quicker. At the end, my overall average heart rate heart rate was 2 bpm over target rate, but the humidity was high again. 
I'm thinking of driving out to Selden over the weekend and doing the infamous Selden Hills instead of the CH route.

Some comparison stats:

Date   Miles       Avg HR     Avg Pace       Time
8/24  3             144            12:49         00:38:45
8/25  5             143            12:12         01:01:26
8/27  3             144            11:32         00:35:02  (mixed 65-80 %)
8/28  5             150            11:38         00:58:40
8/29  3             145            11:30         00:38:01 

My ego is saying: "You're actually posting this crap?"

I have put so much faith into this type of training. It really just feels so counter-intuitive.  I'm really dying to try running back in the 170's again just to see if I feel any different, or if my 5k pace has improved. Since I've been back to training,  I could not run 3 miles without walking and could not break 9:30.  Cow Harbor is getting closer real fast, and I'm hoping this will pay off to get me at least to 58:18 like last year. I DO have to remember that I just ran the CH course only 3+ minutes slower than that just a few weeks ago. There's the silver lining.

A rest day is scheduled for tomorrow, so I should do it. Buuut, maybe I'll try another 3 miler after work if I'm up for it.  ;)

So far, 11 miles this week. Not too shabby. I haven't been using the Magellan, and I really don't miss it.

Over and out. 
And slow as shit.


  1. It takes a lot of patience and discipline to do this type of HR training, especially without a coach. I could never do it.

    1. Well, I have to admit, I am enjoying the excuse to not bust a gut training, but I hope I'm doing the right thing so close to CH and my first half..

  2. I think you are doing everything exactly right. Your heart rate remains within a steady bracket while your pace is trending down. That means something good is happening. There are three more weeks left to tune your speed, so I'd stick with this methodology.

    1. Oh ER.. cyber hugs. How did you know that's what I needed to hear, especially after seeing all your great gains these last few weeks? Thanks, bud!

  3. I have no doubt I'll be seeing you flying past me toward the CH finish line, just like at the Snowflake!

    1. I'm not too sure about that..but it's certainly going to be interesting to see what comes from this 'aerobic' training. The book says 12 weeks to see a change. I just finished listening to a podcast from another trainer saying 1 full year of running like that before you see a change. Pfffft.


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