Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let it be, and let it go.

What a glorious way to start the day. Fifty seven degrees, 52% humidity, barely a breeze.
Getting dressed in a tank and shorts, I was feeling cold this morning, but I knew I would warm up after a mile in. I had no expectations as I started out except that I made sure Runmeter knew I was wearing a HR monitor. I did want to do more than 3 miles - but how many and at what pace, I could not even fathom. My running has been so inconsistent and my fitness so tenuous, I was just going to just be and let it go.

The cooler weather put me in brighter, hopeful spirits. My sister sent me a comment through Facebook which Runmeter audibly presented to me - that she 'liked' my run, and so I felt her virtual support as I made my way down the now boring route of my neighborhood.  My first mile felt fast, and it seems I ran it in 9 minutes. Not too bad. Everything is relative, so months ago, what would have seemed like dragging ass is now my 'normal'. I know that with the proper training I can get speedy again.  I thought back on the last 5k race I ran- which seems like YEARS ago fastest, at an 8:15 pace. I was so excited about it. I translated that into a reflection of my state of health and mental toughness. Recovering from an injury has not been easy, and even the toll it takes on those thoughts you carry with you in your head is an additional obstacle I have found I have to mitigate through.

I didn't want to walk, but found I had to in some spots. "That's ok", I said to myself.
I tried to lower my heart rate by controlling my breath, but it wasn't working. "That's ok - don't worry about it", I thought.
I tried to run by perceived exertion, but found my head interfering and that my thoughts were scattered, and poorly directed. "Don't be so hard on yourself", I consoled.

I didn't have to be anywhere until 10:00am this morning, so at 7:30am I was grateful for that, and just tried to let it be. 
I was very happy with 5 miles, and the 9:30 pace.

I've got at least a slow 8 miler on tap again this weekend. I thought about running the 5 mile race in Hicksville on Saturday, but it starts at 5pm! I'm still considering it -  it would be interesting to see how well I would do:
1. late in the day
2. first race after injury
3. and 5 miles

The last 5 mile race I ran I did it in 43:47. I know I'm not ready to beat this, nor come close. But this might be a good prep for the Cow Harbor 4 weeks from now.. it might give me some insight on what I might need to work on. Oh hell. I know what I need to work on. Endurance, heart rate, form - just getting in those miles! 
Meh, we'll see.

F* you, Magellan (I did NOT run 8 miles, as it says I did)
Runmeter Data (now with heart rate!)


  1. Don't be discouraged with progress. Running in the nine minute range is directionally positive and hitting 9:00 in that first mile is impressive.

    The Hicksville race would be tough to do at 5 PM (for us morning runners), but if you don't care about time or place, it could be a great training exercise. Either way, happy running this weekend.

    1. Thanks, ER, you too! I'm still undecided. I thought another attempt at a long slow run would be the way to go - I'll know depending on how I feel tomorrow morning!

  2. Sounds like a good run! The weather is glorious. Have you ever done a Cow Harbor practice run? I did one last year before the race and found it to be really helpful. The people who organize them are great. I can't believe only four more weeks! I'm not doing it this year, but the race seems to mark the beginning of autumn. Summer went by too fast this year :(

    1. Five weeks till Cow Harbor. You got me nervous, so I checked.

    2. I did do a CH practice run. I did two, I think. Each time, I came in a few minutes faster. I think I may have to try it again.
      Summer can speed on by for me really - I dislike the high heat and humidity. Fall is my fav season, esp now that I run!

  3. The weather was glorious yesterday. I had my fastest time ever without even trying (although it was my third straight day running), and realized this morning that it was because of the the cool, dry conditions.

    As for Hicksville -- blow it off and drive out to Northport in the morning and run the cow harbor course instead. That's my plan, but I live only minutes away.

    1. Wasn't it, though? Great on your time improving - I really do believe in cool and dry.

      I'm pretty much leaning toward blowing off Hxville - running in Northport sounds like the way to go!

  4. The weather has been such a break. Great work. It is hard to come back after an injury! This was a great run!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I felt really hopeful on yesterday's practice run of Cow Harbor. I'll probably be posting about that today sometime.
      I know that I'm def not a warm weather runner.


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