Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Duh. *Forehead smack*

What persuaded me to get out for a run today was trying my new heart rate monitor that will work with Runmeter and my iPhone 5. I've been putting off running AGAIN until I took what I hope will be the last of my medical tests. The result came in on Monday, and it looks like things are AOK, or at least until I'm able to talk to the Dr. herself, who won't be back from vacation until the 19th. The receptionist was kind enough to tell me that the results of my CT scan were 'normal' - but was unable to fax  it to me or read any more information from the report without the Dr. seeing it first. It makes me wonder if things were NOT normal, and perhaps critical - would I still need to wait another week before I could take further steps? I'll have to remember to ask her.

So, out I went, in 97% humidity and 74 degrees around the same ole' neighborhood, VERY slowly. I didn't wear my Magellan, because really, I didn't feel like being let down again. And I knew it was going to be a short one based on the humidity and the fact that it looked like rain was imminent.  It was a test of my HR monitor primarily, with just the secondary task of easing back into the run. 
Two miles is all she wrote for me today.
Imagine my surprise and then exasperation when I realized that I did not tell Runmeter that I had the device around my chest!

Well, there's always the next run. *sigh*

Runmeter (without my heart rate)


  1. Tuesday was brutal. Did you encounter rain on your run? Glad to know the CT scan came back normal!

    1. It almost did.. a little drizzle, but SO humid.
      Thank you - I can't wait until all this over. I still need to hear from the doctor about it.


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